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! Exclamation point begins a source code comment.
? Question mark begins a field equate label, label, or when used as a single character in column one of source code, designates that the statement that follows only be executed in DEBUG mode.
@ “At” sign begins a picture token.
@@ Used in Clarion# only. You cannot use reserved keywords as labels or identifiers unless they include the @@ as a prefix (i.e., @@IF). You also should use @@ as prefix if you'd like to use Construct or Destruct as a label for a declaration that is not a class constructor or destructor.NewCNet.jpg
* Asterisk begins a parameter passed by address in a MAP prototype.
~ A leading tilde on a filename indicates a file linked into the project.
!~<;block of comments>~! Multi-line comments support (Clarion# only)NewCNet.jpg
!!! Initiates XML Documentation (Clarion# only)NewCNet.jpg


; Semi-colon is an executable statement separator.
CR/LF Carriage-return/Line-feed is an executable statement separator.
. Period terminates a data or code structure (a substitute for END).
Vertical bar is the source code line continuation character.
# Pound sign declares an implicit LONG variable.
$ Dollar sign declares an implicit REAL variable.
Double quote declares an implicit STRING variable.


( ) Parentheses enclose a parameter list.
[ ] Brackets enclose an array subscript list.
' ' Single quotes enclose a string constant.
{ } Curly braces enclose a repeat count in a string constant, or a property parameter.
<; > Angle brackets enclose an ASCII code in a string constant, or indicate a parameter in a MAP prototype which may be omitted.
: Colon separates the start and stop positions of a string “slice.”
, Comma separates parameters in a parameter list.


. Period is a decimal point used in numeric constants, or connects a complex structure label to the label of one of its members.
: Colon connects a prefix to a label.
$ Dollar sign connects the WINDOW or REPORT label to a field
equate label in a control's property assignment expression.


+ Plus sign indicates addition.
- Minus sign indicates subtraction.
* Asterisk indicates multiplication.
/ Slash indicates division.
% Percent sign indicates modulus division.
Carat indicates exponentiation.
<; Left angle bracket indicates less than.
> Right angle bracket indicates greater than.
= Equal sign indicates assignment or equivalence.
~ Tilde indicates the logical (Boolean) NOT operator.
&amp; Ampersand indicates concatenation.
&amp;= Ampersand equal indicates reference assignment or reference equivalence.
:=: Executes a Deep Assignment statement.
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