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The Web Forms Designer is used in designing CLARION ASP.NET applications.

Show Grid Check this box to automatically display the grid in the Designer work area.
Snap to Grid Check this box to turn grid snap on; uncheck it to turn it off. Grid snap displays a dot grid of valid positioning coordinates and forces the upper left corner of new controls to align with the dot grid. The end user does not see the grid at run time; it is a design tool only.
Grid Height Enter the vertical distance between the grid dots (y axis). This is the minimum vertical distance you can move a control when grid snap is on.
Grid Width Enter the horizontal distance between the grid dots (x axis). This is the minimum horizontal distance you can move a control when grid snap is on.
Show borders Shows borders for the pertinent ASP.NET controls that support them
Show details Toggles the Tag information in the Design View
Show glyphs for server controls Server controls are tags that are understood by the server. Check this box to mark these controls with special symbols displayed in the Toolbox.
Set positioning for new elements to: Controls the default position attribute of your ASP.NET controls. Select from the following options.
Relative Usually the default setting. When you drop web controls from the Tool Palette onto a web form, the controls are positioned next to each other. Relative positioning depends on the physical location of the control inside the code.
Static Static always has the position the normal flow of the page gives it (a static element ignores any top, bottom, left, or right declarations).
Absolute Allows you to “freely” move web controls on the web form.
<;not set> No positioning will be applied to new controls
Select Browser for ASP.NET Pages ASP.NET pages can be opened in your machine's system default web browser or in the internal web browser (inside the IDE).
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