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The options in this panel refer to settings in the IDE that affect all applications in regards to the project system. For options specific to the application internals see the Application Options topic.

Open application for Edit after Solution is loaded

Check this box to auto-open the Application Editor when a solution containing an application is detected. If a solution has multiple applications, this option is ignored.

Automatically add referenced Applications (.APP) to the Solution

Determines if dependent applications are automatically added to the solution during the conversion process. If set to OFF (unchecked), then after an application that has dependencies is opened for conversion, a dialog is displayed so you can decide if dependent applications should be added to the solution.

Cache application after edit

For more efficient handling of memory resources, uncheck this box to prevent the automatic caching (lazy loading) of your applications. Disabling this option is very useful and recommended for solutions with multiple applications.


If this option is ON, your application on close is still in memory and the associated dictionary is marked is read-only. You must close the solution to make the dictionary available for editing.

If this option is OFF then the dictionary is immediately available for editing when the application is closed.

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