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This dialog allows you to fine tune and tailor many of the display and output options of the Dictionary Diagrammer tool when first opened.


Again, all of these settings in this dialog apply only to NEW diagrams. Once you saved a diagram, all of your settings are saved with it, including for example, the zoom factor.


Initial Scale (Percentage)

Set the default Zoom percentage here. This setting will be active as the new Diagram is first opened.

Grid Options

Set the grid display techniques. You can specify that the grid is dotted (Points), a solid line (Lines), or neither (None).


Display Relationship Description

Check this box to display the full relationship description.

Display Table Grid Lines

The settings above here control the initial grid type and display settings. You can display points, lines or none in the Diagrammer.

Initial Size for Tables

Expanded displays all elements of the diagram. Collapsed displays a condensed list. Name Only displays the table name only.


These settings control the initial colors displayed for the diagram and table backgrounds. The settings made here will ONLY apply to NEW diagrams that you create. To change existing attributes of a diagram, use the context popup menu provided in the diagrammer.

Diagram Background Color

Select from the drop list a background color to be applied to your new diagrams.

Table Font Color

Set the default font color to display for all textual elements in your new Diagram.

Table Background Color

Your tables can also have an initial background color. Select from the color drop list provided.

Arrow Color

You can control the initial color of your connecting arrows in all new Diagrams created.

Background Image

Press the ellipsis button select a background image for your diagrams. As you select the image, it will be displayed in the Options dialog.


Double-Click toggles Expand/Collapse state

If set to ON, a dbl-click on any Table toggles the Expand or Collapse state of the Keys and Fields nodes. This can be useful when you have all tables collapsed and you want to quickly expand a particular table.

Rearrange Tables when Expanding or Collapsing

When you toggle the Expand or Collapse state of tables, the default behavior of the Diagrammer will rearrange the layout to either move tables further apart to prevent tables overlaying one another (if Expanding), or move the tables closer together to reduce excess whitespace (if Collapsing). If you already have your tables arranged exactly how you want them, you can set this checkbox to OFF (unchecked), and the tables will not be rearranged.


Print Diagram Background Color

Check this box to print the diagram background color

Print Diagram Background Image

Check this box to print the diagram's background image.

Print Table Fill Color

Check this box to allow the printing of the table background color. Otherwise, table colors will not be printed.

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