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The options of the REPORT Structure Designer are identical to the WINDOW Structure Designer options discussed above.

General Options

Use Smart Tags

Smart Tags are shortcut button controls used at design time for certain properties and events. For example, given a List Box control, selecting the Smart Tag button gives access to all links seen in the Properties window.


Automatically open Smart Tags

Check this box to automatically enable the Smart Tags on open. If a control is selected, checking this will display the Smart Tags popup menu as the control is selected.

Enable SuppressTransparency by default

Check this box to enable the design time SuppressTransparency property. The effect of this property is to allow the proper display of special static parent controls when populated “on top of” multiple tab controls. This property is set to TRUE by default, and ensures a proper display regardless of Visual Styles used. It has no effect on the actual runtime window display.

Select Toolbox when Designer opened

Check this box to automatically open (if not already opened) and select the Report Control Toolbox when the Report Designer is opened.

Ask on Closing Designer

This option when checked will ALWAYS prompt you to save a window on exit, even if no changes were made. If this option is unchecked, a window will always auto-save on exit, and you will not be prompted to Save or Cancel.

Property pad settings

Sort properties alphabetically

Check this option to sort all properties display in the Properties window in alphabetical order. The alternative to this is a display by category.

Designer Area Options:

Show Command Toolbar

The Command Toolbar displays all alignment options, and other special options, including Print Preview.

Show Properties Toolbar

Displays common properties for any selected control, including Use Variable, Text and Font attributes.

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