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Code Completion Options

Add code snippets to code completion and word completion lists

Check this option to place the IDE Code Snippets into the code and word completion lists.

Display declaration information in code completion list

Check this option to display the full declaration of the code statement, highlighted below:


These declaration options only apply to code statements in the Clarion runtime libarary.

There are also two resizing options available for the code completion window. Specify the Number of rows in the completion list to show, and also you have the option to Remember completion list width.

Insert 'using' directive as:

This option allows you to choose preferred syntax for automatic using insertion. Select from three different styles (all are supported by the compiler).

Sort 'using' directives after adding new one

If enabled and you add a new 'using' by the right click menu command, all 'using' directives will be grouped to 2 groups (system and the others) and both groups will be sorted alphabetically.

Complete options:

Keywords, Clarion attributes, and built-in data

Designate how to complete, either in upper case or lower case.

Other names

Designate how to complete all other names that are not keywords, attributes, or built-ins. Select from As declared. upper case or lower case.

Auto Insertion options:

Insert line continuation character after enter is pressed

When this option is active, a line continuation character will automatically be added on enter if the last character on the line does not meet the criteria entered below.

Exclude Characters

By default, line continuation characters are not inserted if the last character in the line is a letter, digit, or one of the characters entered as shown.

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