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SLIDER, AT( ) , [,USE( )]   [,CURSOR( )] ,[,LAYOUT( )] [,DISABLE]  [,FULL]  [,SCROLL]  [,HIDE]

[COLOR()], [,MSG()], [,TRN] [, [,DROPID( )] [,RANGE( )]  [,VERTICAL( )],[STEP()],[BOTH, ABOVE, BELOW]


SLIDER Places a control that enables the end user to move a thumb along either a horizontal or vertical line within a finite range.
AT Specifies the initial size and location of the control (PROP:AT). If omitted, default values are selected by the runtime library.
CURSOR Specifies a mouse cursor to display when the mouse is positioned over the control (PROP:CURSOR). If omitted, the WINDOW's CURSOR attribute is used, else the Windows default cursor is used.
USE The label of the variable containing the value of the current tick mark, or a field equate label to reference the control in executable code (PROP:USE).
LAYOUT Specifies the control's left-to-right or right-to-left display orientation (PROP:LAYOUT)
MSG Specifies a string constant containing the text to display in the Window's status bar when the control has focus. (PROP:MSG)
DISABLE Specifies the control appears dimmed when the WINDOW or APPLICATION is first opened (PROP:DISABLE).
HIDE Specifies the control does not appear when the WINDOW or APPLICATION is first opened (PROP:HIDE). UNHIDE must be used to display it.
TRN Specifies the control transparently displays over the background (PROP:TRN).
COLOR Specifies a background color for the control (PROP:COLOR).
DROPID Specifies the control may serve as a drop target for drag-and-drop actions (PROP:DROPID).
RANGE Specifies the range of values the Slider displays (PROP:RANGE). If omitted, the default range is zero (0) to one hundred (100).
STEP Specifies the numeric value between Ticks. (PROP:STEP)
NOTICKS Specifies whether the Slider displays tick marks,and if so where they display (Ticks are on by default). The options for location of the tick marks for a horizontal Slider are Below, Above or Both. The options for location of the tick marks for a vertical Slider are Right, Left or Both. You can also choose that no tick marks are displayed at all. (PROP:NOTICKS)
VERTICAL Specifies the Slider control is oriented vertically instead of horizontally. (PROP:VERTICAL)

The SLIDER control declares a control that displays a Slider bar in a WINDOW (not valid in a REPORT).

If a variable is named as the USE attribute, the Slider's tick mark position is automatically updated whenever the value in that variable changes. If the USE attribute is a field equate label, you must directly update the display by assigning a value (within the range defined by the RANGE attribute) to the control's RANGE property. The RANGE can be set at runtime with the PROP:RANGE property.


SliderPos           LONG

Window              WINDOW('SLIDER Example'),AT(,,300,170),GRAY,AUTO,SYSTEM,MAX,FONT('MS Sans' & |

' Serif',8)






SliderPos = 50



of ?SliderPos

?STRINGTotal{PROP:Text} = ?SLIDERPos{PROP:sliderpos} & '%'





Runtime properties:











EVENT:Accepted generated after moving the slider's thumb to a new position or when the parent window is in non-stop mode
EVENT:NewSelection generated while dragging slider's thumb with the mouse (only generated for SLIDER controls with IMM)
EVENT:Selecting generated the same as for other controls with focus
EVENT:Selected generated the same as for other controls with focus
EVENT:Drop generated if the control has the DROPID attribute
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