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SETPENWIDTH( [width] )


SETPENWIDTH Sets the current pen width.
Width An integer expression that specifies the pen's thickness, measured in dialog units (unless overridden by the THOUS, MM, or POINTS attribute on a REPORT). If omitted, the default (one pixel) is set.

The SETPENWIDTH procedure sets the current line draw thickness for use by all graphics procedures. The default is one pixel, which may be set with a width of zero (0). This procedure is valid in Clarion Win32 Windows, and also for REPORT structures in both Clarion Win32 and Clarion#.

Every window has its own current pen width. Therefore, to consistently use the same pen (which does not use the default width setting) across multiple windows, the SETPENWIDTH statement should be issued for each window.


MDIChild WINDOW('Child One'),AT(0,0,320,200),MDI,MAX,HVSCROLL

        !window controls




SETPENCOLOR(000000FFh)        !Set blue pen color

SETPENSTYLE(PEN:dash)         !Set dashes for line style

SETPENWIDTH(2)                !Set two dialog unit thickness

BOX(100,50,100,50,00FF0000h)  !Red box with thick blue dashed border

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