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SetMenuMetric( metricID, metricValue )


Returns the current value of the Metric ID specified as an unsigned integer.

metricID An unsigned integer that identifies a specific metric in which the current value will be returned.
metricValue An unsigned integer that specifies the value to set for the menu metric identified by the metricID.

SetMenuMetric is used to set the current value of the menu metric specified by the metricID.

A menu metric is a built-in menu style characteristic that is applied to all areas of a target menu. The list of metrics is shown as follows:

MenuMetric     ITEMIZE(1),PRE
cxBarLMargin     EQUATE   ! Selection Bar Left Margin
cxBarRMargin     EQUATE   ! Selection Bar Right Margin
cxItemLMargin    EQUATE   ! Menu Item Left Margin
cxItemRMargin    EQUATE   ! Menu Item Right Margin
cxImageLMargin   EQUATE   ! Menu Image Left Margin
cxImageRMargin   EQUATE   ! Menu Image Right Margin
cxTextLMargin    EQUATE   ! Menu Text Left Margin
cxTextRMargin    EQUATE   ! Menu Text Right Margin
cxKeySpace       EQUATE   ! Extra space added to accelerator key's name
cxSysMenuLMargin EQUATE   ! Extra space added to system menu icon
cxSysBarDelta    EQUATE   ! Read-only: extra space adding by Windows to menubar items
cxSubMenu        EQUATE
cxGutter         EQUATE   ! Read-only: width of gutter if any
cySeparator      EQUATE   ! Height of separator
cyItemVMargin    EQUATE   ! Extra space added above and below menu item
cySepVMargin     EQUATE   ! Extra space added above and below menu separator
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