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SetAlerts, VIRTUAL


The SetAlerts method alerts standard keystrokes for the browse's list control and for any associated locator controls.

The BrowseClass.TakeKey method processes the alerted keystrokes.


The BrowseClass.SetAlerts method alerts the mouse DOUBLE-CLICK, the INSERT, DELETE and CTRL+ENTER keys for the browse's list control and calls the LocaorClass.SetAlerts method for each associated locator control. Corresponding keycode EQUATEs are declared in KEYCODES.CLW.

The BrowseClass.SetAlerts method also sets up a popup menu for the browse list that mimics the behavior of any control buttons (insert, change, delete, select).


PrepareStateBrowse ROUTINE                 !Setup the BrowseClass object:

BrowseState.Init(?StateList,      |       ! identify its LIST control,

                 StateQ.Position, |       ! its VIEW position string,

                 StateView,       |       ! its source/target VIEW,

                 StateQ,          |       ! the LIST's source QUEUE,

                 Relate:State)            ! and primary file RelationManager

BrowseState.SetAlerts                     !alert LIST and locator keystrokes

See Also:     TakeKey

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