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SEND Sends a message to the file driver.
file The label of a FILE declaration. The FILE's DRIVER attribute identifies the file driver to receive the message.
message A string constant or variable containing the information to supply to the file driver.

The SEND procedure allows the program to pass any driver-specific information to a file driver during program execution. Valid messages are dependent upon the file driver in use. Documentation of all valid SEND messages for a given file driver are listed in the file driver's documentation.

Return Data Type:     STRING


FileCheck = SEND(ClarionFile,'RECOVER=120') !Arm recovery process for a Clarion data file

You can also use the Clarion SEND procedure to send an SQL command to a backend database. This is provided for backward compatibility with early versions of Clarion. We recommend using property syntax to send SQL statements to the backend database.

SEND(SQLFile,'SELECT field1,field2 FROM table1'     |

      & 'WHERE field1 > (SELECT max(field1)'       |

      & 'FROM table2')        ! Returns a result set you

                              ! get one row at a time

                              ! using NEXT(SQLFile)

SEND(SQLFile,'CALL GetRowsBetween(2,8)')            !Call stored procedure

SEND(SQLFile,'CREATE INDEX ON table1(field1 DESC)') !No result set

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