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ScrollPage( scrollevent ), VIRTUAL, PROTECTED


ScrollPage Scrolls up or down one page of browse list items.
scrollevent A numeric constant, variable, EQUATE, or expression that indicates the requested scroll action. Valid scroll actions for this method are scrolls up one page or down one page of browse list items.

The ScrollPage method scrolls up or down one page of browse list items.


The BrowseClass.TakeScroll method calls the ScrollPage method.

A hexadecimal scrollevent value of EVENT:PageUp scrolls up one page of browse list items. A value of EVENT:PageDown scrolls down one page of browse list items. Corresponding scroll event EQUATEs are declared in EQUATES.CLW:

EVENT:PageUp        EQUATE (05H)

EVENT:PageDown      EQUATE (06H)


BrowseClass.TakeScroll PROCEDURE( SIGNED Event )



 CASE Event

 OF Event:ScrollUp OROF Event:ScrollDown

  SELF.ScrollOne( Event )

 OF Event:PageUp OROF Event:PageDown

  SELF.ScrollPage( Event )

 OF Event:ScrollTop OROF Event:ScrollBottom

  SELF.ScrollEnd( Event )



See Also:     TakeScroll

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