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@E All scientific notation pictures begin with @E (or @e).
m Determines the total number of characters in the format provided by the picture.
s Specifies the decimal separation character, and the grouping character when the n value is greater than 3.
. (period) period and comma
.. (period period) period and period
' (grave accent) comma and period
_.(underscore period) period and space
n Indicates the number of digits that appear to the left of the decimal point.
B Specifies that the format displays as blank when the value is zero.

The scientific notation picture formats very large or very small numbers. The format is a decimal number raised by a power of ten. These pictures are intended to be used as display only, not intended for editing.


Picture         Value           Result

@E9.0       1,967,865          .20E+007

@E12.1      1,967,865       1.9679E+006

@E12.1B             0

@E12.1     -1,967,865      -1.9679E+006

@E12.1     .000000032       3.2000E-008

@E15_.4     1,967,865    1 967.865E+003

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