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The RunCommandLineProc global template extension provides a simple way to check for command line parameters when the program is run. Several command line parameters may be defined and sorted in the order they should be checked at runtime.

The RunCommandLineProc template provides the following prompts:

Log All Errors Silently

Check this box to disable the ErrorManager error windows while running the procedure nominated on the command line. Errors are written to a log (.TXT) file. This avoids the need for any user intervention.

Procedure Name Flag

Specifies a special command line parameter to check for when the program is started. A variable can be specified here if it is preceded by an exclamation point (!).

Call generated procedure

Check this box if the presence of the command line parameter on the command line will cause a procedure generated from the application to be called.

Procedure To Run

Specifies the procedure to be called when the command line parameter is passed to the program on the command line. Choose a procedure from the drop down list if a generated procedure will be called. Enter the name of the procedure in the entry column if it is am external procedure to the application.

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