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ROUND Returns rounded value.
expression A numeric constant, variable, or expression.
order A numeric expression with a value equal to a power of ten, such as 1, 10, 100, 0.1, 0.001, etc. If the value is not an even power of ten, the next lowest power is used; 0.55 will use 0.1 and 155 will use 100.

The ROUND procedure returns the value of an expression rounded to a power of ten. If the order is a LONG or DECIMAL Base Type, then rounding is performed as a BCD operation. Note that if you want to round a real number larger than 1³°, you should use ROUND(num,1.0e°), and not ROUND(num,1). The ROUND procedure is very efficient (“cheap”) as a BCD operation and should be used to compare REALs to DECIMALs at decimal width.

Return Data Type:     DECIMAL or REAL


!ROUND(5163,100)     returns 5200

!ROUND(657.50,1)     returns 658

!ROUND(51.63594,.01) returns 51.64

Commission = ROUND(Price / Rate,.01)  !Round the commission to the nearest cent

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