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Reset( filename )


Reset Resets the ASCIIViewerClass object.
filename The label of the ASCIIFile property's NAME attribute variable.

The Reset method resets the ASCIIViewerClass object and returns a value indicating whether the end user selected a file or did not select a file. A return value of one (1) indicates a file was selected and filename contains its pathname; a retun value of zero (0) indicates no file was selected and filename is empty.


The Reset method frees the display QUEUE and calls the ASCIIFileClass.Reset method to get a new filename from the end user. Reset refills the display QUEUE and redisplays the list box if a new file was selected.

Return Data Type:     BYTE


AsciiFileClass.Init FUNCTION |

 (FILE AsciiFile,*STRING FileLine,*STRING FName,ErrorClass ErrorHandler)






 IF ~SELF.Reset(FName)


   RETURN False



See Also:     ASCIIFile, ASCIIFileClass.Reset

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