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This dialog lets you set up the basic report options, including its page orientation, measurement units, margins, and paper size.


Enter a valid color equate in the TextColor or BackGround fields, or press the ellipsis (…) button to select a color from the Color dialog. The Report Designer adds the COLOR attribute to your report declaration.

See ..\LIBSRC\EQUATES.CLW for a list of valid color equates. See Windows Design Issues in the User's Guide for a discussion on using color to enhance your application.


Locked “Freezes” all the controls on the report so that subsequent data dictionary changes are not applied. You can override the #Freeze attribute for all controls or for individual controls. See Application Options.


Preview Specifies the name of a QUEUE which stores the filename(s) (*.WMF) for the metafile(s) generated for page preview. See the PREVIEW attribute. If you are using the Report Template, it is handled automatically if you check the Print Preview box and you should leave this entry blank.


Jobname Names the print job, as listed in the Windows Print Manager application.
Label Type a valid Clarion label to name the REPORT data structure.
Landscape Specifies landscape paper orientation. New reports default to portrait mode. Landscape means the report text is aligned parallel with the longest paper edges.
Layout Indicates the orientation of the report controls. Left to Right maintains the original layout specified in the Report Designer. Default field navigation moves from left to right. Right to Left essentially “flips” the report controls' display as a mirror image of the layout specified in the Report Designer.
Paper-Type Choose from over 40 standard sizes, or choose Other to specify a custom size.
Width Specifies a custom paper width in units specified on the General tab.
Height Specifies a custom paper height in units specified on the General tab.
Prefix Specifies the label prefix for the REPORT structure.
TextFont To set the default font for all controls appearing in the report, press the Font button, then choose the font and style in the Font dialog. You may override the default by setting a different font in the Properties dialog for any specific control. The options you choose in the dialog become the parameters for the FONT attribute. As you choose options, the dialog box displays a sample of the formatting.
Units Specifies the default measurement for all controls placed in the report. Choose Dialog Units, THOUSandths of Inches, MilliMeters or POINTS.


Lets you set the location and size of the report detail print area, by filling in the AT attribute. The measurement units for these boxes are specified on the General tab.

To set a precise starting point for your print detail area relative to the top left corner of the paper, specify Top Left Corner coordinates with this dialog. In effect, this establishes the left margin for your report. The top margin is usually determined by the Page Header position. These settings may also be accomplished visually by dragging report sections and borders in the Report Designer's Page Layout View.

To set the size of the print detail area, choose from the following options for the Width and Height. When changing a report from portrait to landscape, or vice versa, you should also change the width and height on this tab.

Default Sets a value based on the Paper Type property.
Value To set a specific size, mark the Value choices.

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