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Release Notes: C8.0.9759 – Fixes/Features/Changes

IMPROVEMENT: Use full printer names for comparisons/matching
FEATURE: Support of PCX images with color depth 24bp

CHANGE: Improved code to open the .App for editing
CHANGE: Sometimes the Application toolbar buttons showed partially obscured
CHANGE: IDE default layout was not set to Application layout
CHANGE: IDE debug layout was not in the same location of items as the Application layout

FIX: ODBC based drivers - FILEERRORCODE could be set to the last error code returned by the SQL backend rather than the first error code.
FIX: EVALUATE did not work properly if you had it evaluate a DEFORMAT statement where no picture was passed eg EVALUATE('DEFORMAT(s)')
FIX: If a GPF is thrown by an olded compiler Clarion IDE would keep working, but you could not do any more builds without exiting the IDE
FIX: If you tried to add a Clarion version older than Clarion 5.5 the compiler list was not set up correctly, thus not allowing you to compile with that version without manually editing the .xml file
FIX: ODBC based file drivers were not setting ERRORCODE if the server returned an error when turning off auto-commit
FIX: ODBC based drivers did not clean up internal pointers correctly if PROP:Disconnect was issued and there was a VIEW open
FIX: ODBC driver was not clearing the internal MARS flag correctly if /MULTIPLEACTIVERESULTSETS=TRUE on more than one file and the backend did not support MARS
FIX: Tab order was wrong when editing the properties of a table
FIX: ABC Templates; when in the FileDrop and FileDropCombo template and the icon list type was declared as Variable it was generating an error %IconNameValue symbol not found
FIX: ABC Templates missing #DECLARE(%IconNameValue) in FileDrop and FileDropCombo
FIX: Animated GIF images with local palettes of different sizes displayed incorrectly
FIX: Animated GIF images with frames using disposal method 1 displayed incorrectly
FIX: Animated GIF images with frames not covering the entire image's logical screen could be displayed incorrectly
FIX: Animation mode was not set for images in REPORTs. This could potentially cause exceptions on printing GIF images
FIX: Drawing of themed check boxes and radio buttons if screen DPI setting is non-standard
FIX: ELLIPSE/BOX frame's brush was not always released
FIX: Loading a program into the debugger could fail if the "Stop on dynamic dll load" option was turned on
FIX: PCX images with color depth 4bpp were decoded incorrectly
FIX: Pressing the space key when the current record of a LIST control with the MARK attribute was set to one of the special values caused a GPF
FIX: Repeated BM_SETSTATE messages blocked WM_TIMER messages generated for buttons with the IMM attribute
FIX: exception could occur in the debugger if the dis-assembler window was wide enough
FIX: The metafile's bounding rectangle could be calculated incorrectly
FIX: Themed CHECK/RADIO controls displayed with incorrect relative position of text and check-box/radio if the control had the LEFT or RIGHT attribute
FIX: When the RecentOpen file was completely empty the IDE was throwing an exception

PTSS 39305: Problems with DEFORMAT() in Clarion8 
PTSS 39371: "Giant" sized checkboxes and radio buttons 
PTSS 39616: LOGOUT not working with MARS 
PTSS 39618: Missing #DECLARE(%IconNameValue) in FileDrop and FileDropCombo 
PTSS 39631: SVN - APV - APP DateTime Stamping 
PTSS 39647: EnhancedFocusManager not working well 
PTSS 39686: Wrong FileErrorCode value after integrity constraint violation 
PTSS 39719: The Immediate feature of Buttons 
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