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– Release Notes: C8.0.9661 –


FEATURE:  Template support for Windows 8 in the generated manifest
FEATURE: SYSTEM{PROP:WindowsVersion} now works for Windows 8
FEATURE: Compiler and debugger recognize Windows 8
FEATURE: Make it easier if an error is found in the DCT conversion to keep track of the selected error in the Dictionary Changes Pad
FEATURE: Support PRAGMA('save') and PRAGMA('restore') compiler directives
CHANGE: Faster drawing of buttons
CHANGE: Faster drawing of transparent controls
CHANGE: ABC and Clarion Templates validate that the application name (%Application) does not contain any spaces and generate an error if it does.
CHANGE: Added FileName to the message that shows when a file is not possible to be parsed for some file error.
CHANGE: Allow to set alternative text for buttons in the exception dialog - or to hide them
CHANGE: Avoid accessing of the printer driver upon loading CLAPRLB.DLL
CHANGE: Force the re-reading of templates when the Clarion version is changed.
CHANGE: Produce compile time warning if a threaded variable is used as a parameter of the NAME, DRIVER and/or OWNER attribute of non-threaded FILEs
CHANGE: Show parameters (if any) in the exception dialog and log file 
CHANGE: Clarion compiler now supports the warn(wall) pragma in the . Possible values are: off,on,err
CHANGE: Support of DBCS characters in Window/Report Designers
CHANGE: The item locator in multiple places in the DCT was showing a black box around disabled buttons
CHANGE: The toolbar to select the sorting option in the application tree is now displayed on top of the locator
CHANGE: Updated version number in the templates
CHANGE: When an audit record is created, the Creation time and the initial Modification time are now the same
CHANGE: Write Clarion version and build number into the exception log file
CHANGE: Manifest for ClarionCL.exe is now marked to run as "asInvoker" instead of "requireAdministrator"
FIX: Button with default width or height could be redrawn incorrectly if text was changed
FIX: COLOR attribute had no effect on TABs in SHEETs controls with the WIZARD attribute
FIX: Case of characters typed into an ENTRY control with the CAP and PASSWORD attributes could be changed incorrectly
FIX: Content of an ENTRY control with the CAP attribute could be displayed incorrectly when holding down some alpha keys
FIX: ELLIPSE/BOX/PANEL controls below (partially) transparent controls could be drawn incorrectly
FIX: Setting PROP:Active to TRUE for MDI child windows could fail if executed from another thread
FIX: Setting PROP:NoTheme to FALSE had no effect for some kinds of controls
FIX:  Any change you made to the driver string of a Clarion .dat file was ignored after the first time the file was accessed
FIX:  BUILD(key) would fail if you tried to use this to add a key to an existing file
FIX:  ClarionCL failed to load the base redirection file if you ran it from the bin folder and used the /ag switch
FIX:  If you added a key component and then tried to delete the field you were not presented with a dialog telling you that the key would be deleted
FIX:  If you deleted a key component and then tried to delete the field you were presented with a dialog telling you that the key would be deleted
FIX:  In the Dictionary editor, if you changed a key component from ascending to descending or visa versa and then canceled out from saving the key changes, the component order change was still saved
FIX:  Issuing file{PROP:SQL} multiple times with fewer columns in the 2nd select statement then in the first statement would cause corrupt data to be copied into the fields used in the first SELECT statement, but not used in the second statement
FIX:  OPT did not work with the Btrieve driver if one of the key components was a PDECIMAL field
FIX:  Setting the version back to the actual version of the IDE (eg 8.0.9661) rather than to (Current Version) could fail to reset the ABC reader
FIX:  The <project>.FileList.xml file was not being updated after a build, thus making the Search option to search using last build results inaccurate
FIX:  You could not import to txa nor import from txa global or module data that was over another field
FIX:  You could open an app that used a password protected dct even if you did not know the password for the dct
FIX: Background beneath special buttons (VCR, arrow, drop-down) could be drawn incorrectly
FIX: Force the initialization of the ParserService if the parser start and was not initialized
FIX: IP Driver: KeepAlive might not work if the file was closed
FIX: IPServer: error if IPEXEC was called with more than 18 parameters or less than one
FIX: If listbox has default FORMAT string, it could be drawn incorrectly after changing its border's style
FIX: If a text selection was made using SHIFT+<cursor key> in an ENTRY control, and was deleted because of typing in a <non-cursor key>, the selection anchor remained active
FIX: Importing of a TXA lost the Exported attribute on procedures that were also External
FIX: MixColors function was assigning the second color to the first one and failing in mixing the colors
FIX: NAME(file) would not return the name of the file if the file had an invalid record structure
FIX: Non-client area of controls declared before SHEET in WINDOW declaration and overlapped it could be drawn incorrectly
FIX: Part of main thread executed out of EH
FIX: Possible incorrect redrawing of transparent buttons
FIX: Possible exception on creating a COMBO control
FIX: Processing of WM_SETFONT can require known values of new font's metrics
FIX: Solution file was locked by ClarionCL
FIX: Stop checking to open files if the IDE is not open and the ProjectService is used from the ClarionCL
FIX: Stop forcing the re parsing of projects after code generation when done with ClarionCL
FIX: Stop parsing while the solution is still loading
FIX: String literals starting with double { character could be parsed by the evaluator incorrectly
FIX: String literals with embedded <n> character codes could be parsed by the evaluator incorrectly
FIX: String literal tokens starting with 3 or more '<' or '{' characters expanded incorrectly
FIX: Synchronizer was not clustering all the files together correctly when you indicate which tables you want to synchronize from a DCT
FIX: TABs were drawn incorrectly after 9395/9396
FIX: Template comment in the ThisWindow.PrimeFields PROCEDURE was not using ! when generated
FIX: The Dictionary Editor Audit was mixing Utc and not Utc times in the modified and creation fields
FIX: The Edit as text feature of the data pad would loose the initial values for LONG, ULONG, BYTE, SHORT or USHORT fields.
FIX: The import and export to dctx did not work with fields with dimensions greater than 255
FIX: Timer continued to work on disabled animated GIFs
FIX: Visual issues on drawing TABs using Colored and NoColored styles
FIX: When calling the IDE core from the command line the ParserService was not initialized
FIX: When check IsFileOpen from the ClarionCL the MainForm does not exist and was generation a UE
FIX: Width of the GROUP's/OPTION's text rectangle calculated incorrectly if text has ampersands
FIX: Window List popup sub-menu could be not updated
FIX: Windows can calculate WINDOW's client area incorrectly if last dynamically created menubar ITEM was created while window was invisible
FIX: sometimes the #READ was not executed in a #ATSTART block
FIX: xBase file drivers would crash if you had an invalid file structure where a LONG did not have a NAME attribute linking it to the MEMO field.
FIX: Next/prior SHEET buttons were rendered outside of the temporary DC
FIX: An exception could occur in the Debugger if the dis-assembly window is at max width
PTSS 37676: Menu item creation window painting error 
PTSS 38831: ClarionCL.exe fails 
PTSS 39164: Exception when calling ClarionCL /ag on DLLTutor.sln 
PTSS 39291: Export/Import APP to/from TXA ignore OVER attribute 
PTSS 39352: PLease add "Compile and Debug" to the popup menu for Projects 
PTSS 39358: VCR icons 
PTSS 39359: icons on VCR buttons missing 
PTSS 39360: Weird display behaviour on disabled buttons 
PTSS 39366: utility template 
PTSS 39368: PROP:Active is broken 
PTSS 39412: GPF with any dBase file which did not have a NAME attribute specified on all memos, keys and the file
PTSS 39447: Disabled buttons issues 
PTSS 39465: ClarionCL throwing exceptions 
PTSS 39469: dBaseIV Driver, Exception code C0000005: Access Violation 
PTSS 39470: ClarionCL has manifest
PTSS 39504: Large arrays truncated on export/import 
PTSS 39524: Default values removed after editing as text 
PTSS 39524: default values removed after editing as text
PTSS 39533: SETPOSITION a control to 0, 0, 0, 0 in Clarion 8.0.9304 causes freezing
PTSS 39543: You can't modify a newly added Relationship unless you have closed the Property-Tab and opened again 
PTSS 39544: Changing Font in Property Editor has no effect 
PTSS 39551: Method "ThisWindow.PrimeFields PROCEDURE"  
PTSS 39558: Error in RTFToolBar 
PTSS 39571: New file dialog, spelling error 
PTSS 39573: Icons are striped for disabled buttons on Citrix Xendesktop 4.5 
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