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Release Notes: C8.0.9285 – Fixes/Features/Changes

IMPROVEMENT: Faster painting of the background of transparent controls populated on a toolbar
IMPROVEMENT: Faster painting when drawing transparent themed check boxes and radio buttons
IMPROVEMENT: Faster processing of WM_ERASEBKGND and WM_PRINT messages sent by Windows in response to calls to the DrawThemeParentBackground function
IMPROVEMENT: Flicker suppression when painting themed controls; buttons, check boxes and radio buttons
IMPROVEMENT: Reduce flicker on hovering themed transparent check boxes and radio buttons
IMPROVEMENT: Suppression of extra re-drawing of check boxes and radio buttons when they are clicked or current selection is changed with arrow keys (for radio buttons)

FEATURE: ABC/Clarion added new 'Use Legacy Button Margins Compatibility' global prompt to enable the RTL to use the old (previous to C8.9119) drawing algorithm, SYSTEM {PROP:Compatibility} = BOR (4, SYSTEM {PROP:Compatibility})

CHANGE: ABC/Clarion Change the Vista Manifest text heading/prompt to be just Manifest
CHANGE: ABC/Clarion removed the 'Enable Exception Message with Procedure Stack' global prompt because it is not needed as the RTL now produces better information in its exception message when using the debug RTL.
CHANGE: ABC/Clarion, remove the 'Enable Window Frame Dragging' global prompt as it was not needed anymore
CHANGE: Better handling of text color for 3-state check boxes when in indeterminate state
CHANGE: Better synchronization of activation/maximization of MDI child windows
CHANGE: Change text used for the registration of file drivers and synchronizers on the IDE main Menu-Tools
CHANGE: FILEERROR() now returns all error messages and warnings reported by the server separated by CR/LF rather than just the first one
CHANGE: New flicker-free workaround for the Windows bug on drawing transparent themed check boxes and radio buttons
CHANGE: The Owner entry field in the synchronizer no longer has the PASSWORD attribute
CHANGE: The RTL now tries to find an exact match when setting PROP:DeviceName. If an exact match is not found, the first enumerated printer with a partially matched name is set. If the value of SYSTEM{PROP:Compatibility} has flag 08h, the older (Previous to 9285) behavior is used.
CHANGE: Themed border of ENTRY-like and RTF controls
CHANGE: When opening an app for the first time in the IDE and requesting to included referenced applications in the solution the IDE now asks you for the location of the referenced application if it cannot be found in the current directory
CHANGE: add *.chm to file dialog patterns
CHANGE: reorder file extension patterns for image selection

FIX: Clarioncl now has matching manifest and config files
FIX: Deferred moving of controls on resizing of IDE dialogs could run into conflict with other moving/sizing
FIX: Drawing of themed buttons when intersecting other controls
FIX: Generating an app from the Application pad was changing the last written Time for the application
FIX: If an ENTRY's value was changed and another dialog was opened before it was redrawn, the selection could be set incorrectly after closing a dialog and setting focus back to ENTRY
FIX: If a sln was generated with Clarioncl and there was a matching sln for an app in the original solution, an exception was thrown
FIX: If you closed an app without saving changes and you had the auto-export to text feature enabled, the timestamp for the app was not kept in sync with the timestamp of the matching text file
FIX: If you opened a solution, then deleted an app, then tried to open the app and you had auto-import enabled, the app would be opened in the text editor
FIX: If you opened an app file and there was a matching cwproj file, but no matching sln file and you had previously set up the cwproj file to reference other applications, these applications (and matching cwproj) where not added to the newly created sln file
FIX: Moving fields out of a DCT group would show the field as moved, but the field was not always moved
FIX: Possible GPF on simultaneous opening multiple maximized MDI child windows
FIX: PrevPage.ico icon had only a 16.8m color image format (caused a UE in designer)
FIX: The Application tab in the project properties dialog used a different font to all other tabs
FIX: The Auto Increment attribute for keys was not synchronized when importing files from a DCT file or when using the synchronizer to synchronize two DCTs
FIX: WINDOW's background could be drawn incorrectly after deferred sizing/moving or hiding/unhiding
FIX: When you generated an app using Clarioncl and there was no matching sln file to match the app, a sln file was created
FIX: WindowDesigner- using CURSOR:None was generating a structure with an invalid cursor
FIX: WindowDesigner- using ICON:None was generating a structure with an invalid icon.
FIX: You could add/define a KEY for ASCII and BASIC files using the Dictionary editor
FIX: You could not import a TPS file into the DCT once you have failed to import a TPS file by entering an invalid password without restarting the IDE

PTSS 38131: Import Table from existing DCT drops AutoIncrement flag 
PTSS 38623: Dct Editor Deletes Non-child Fields When Deleting a Group 
PTSS 38857: Construction of Parameters from Prototype can fail 
PTSS 38965: Icon drop list missing icon:prevPage
PTSS 39134: Generating an app from the Application pad was changing the last written time for the application
PTSS 39134: In a number of cases the APV and APP are not being kept in sync 
PTSS 39170: You could not import a TPS file into the DCT once you have failed to import a TPS file by entering an invalid password without restarting the IDE

REGRESSION: HIDE did not hide GROUP/OPTION controls
WORKAROUND: Windows sends the WM_SYSCOMMAND message to window if it is activating by clicking to caption
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