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Release Notes: C8.0.8973 – Fixes/Features/Changes

FEATURE: The ASCII and BASIC drivers now support PREVIOUS()
FEATURE: When selecting an image file in the window formatter you can now type in the name of the file and if it can be found via redirection, the file will be used
FEATURE: When opening the file dialog in the window formatter for the first time the dialog will now open to the first directory where the file type would be found via the redirection system
FEATURE: When reopening the file dialog in the window formatter the dialog will now open to the last directory where the dialog was opened to
IMPROVEMENT: The RTF control's Find/Find & Replace/Margins/Paragraph Indents windows use the CENTER attribute. The Find & Replace window has the System Menu like the other RTF windows
IMPROVEMENT: The MEMORY driver now treats all files as having the CREATE attribute set

CHANGE: The User Options for the IP Driver templates are now in SoftVelocity.IpDriver.dctopt
CHANGE: The User Options for the ADO templates are now in SoftVelocity.ADO.dctopt
CHANGE: If the source file is an IMDD then the Create attribute of the Dynamic File is now always ON
CHANGE: When generating using Clarioncl you are no longer asked to import dcv or apv files.  It automatically imports them, thus allowing automated builds to run without needing user input.
CHANGE: By default the Btrieve driver uses the Btrieve engine to do WATCH support.  However, the Btrieve engine ALWAYS watches, even if you have not called WATCH.  You can now force Clarion semantics where WATCH will only be enforced when WATCH is called by setting the property PROP:ClarionWatch to TRUE.  This is a driver wide setting.  So setting this to TRUE for any Btrieve file will turn on Clarion style watching for all Btrieve files on all threads
CHANGE: Editing of prompts from template's #SYSTEM section is moved from the Application Options dialog to the Registry editor
CHANGE: Show error if the file can not be created
CHANGE: The Binary/Text Import system will now ask to import text for an app file when you open the app, not just when you open the solution

FIX: Changed the Formula Editor Font so all controls have the same font
FIX: The Dictionary Synchroniser (and therefore the import/export to text) did not work with LIKE,&VIEW,&FILE,&KEY,&CLASS,ANY,&WINDOW,&REPORT,TYPE,ASTRING, or BSTRING
FIX: Caching of tables using the Memory driver with the Dynamic file driver support did not work if the physical table did not have the CREATE attribute
FIX: If a redirection file had a missing terminating quote an exception was thrown.
FIX: Setting PROPPRINT:Device could fail if too many printers installed 
FIX: MSSQL does not set the return result from a stored procedure if the stored procedure also returns an empty result set unless you force it to look for more result sets
FIX: A lib file was not created if the #implib statement did not match the #link statement
FIX: EmulateAutoNumKey, DATA, and IsIdentity user options where not in SoftVelocity.dctopt
FIX: Unused user option TEXTPRIMARY removed from SoftVelocity.dctopt
FIX: PROP:DriverString was ignored when opening a file set for use with PROP:SQL and the dynamic file system
FIX: The IDE would display a message that a dictionary could not be found if the dictionary could not be found via redirection and you stored the full path to the dictionary in the app without the drive letter.  Eg \development\dictionaries\mydct.dct
FIX: When selecting a table in the DataPad the Select Table dialog was not getting focus to the List of tables first.
FIX: Incorrect element terminator in SoftVelocity.IpDriver.dctopt
FIX: ServerAutoIncColumn was missing from the list of valid options for fields in SoftVelocity.dctopt
FIX: Browsing some Isam files from the DCT could throw an exception
FIX: You could not use PROP:SQL to create a file structure using the dynamic file system if your SQL statement started with an open bracket ('(')
FIX: TXA export was not doubling up quotes in custom joins
FIX: You could not edit variables as text in the data pad using Complex View if a variable had an @N picture with brackets in it
FIX: When deleting multiple items in the dictionary editor, sometimes not all items would be deleted
FIX: Setting PROP:Driver caused an error as the RTL was looking for ClaDFx.dll instead of ClaDF.
FIX: In the dictionary editor, if you changed the type of a control for a field and you had a multi-line tool tip, the control formatter would create an invalid control structure.
FIX: AppGen no longer changes the write time for the app file when it generates
FIX: Importing from a dctx with a group or queue that had no children would add the fields after the group to the group
FIX: An file not found exception would be thrown if a Clarion.NET assembly was called from ASP.NET code and ClarionDrvRW.dll was not present.  This Dll should not be needed in this case.
FIX: The dictionary synchronizer (and therefore dictionary import/export to text) did not support ASTRING and BSTRING
FIX: The dictionary editor could throw an exception when trying to load a corrupt dictionary

PTSS 38958: PRINTER{PROPPRINT:Device} fails when too many printers exist in Windows Registry 
PTSS 38048: Error loading DCV file 
PTSS 39135: Some pictures treated as invalid in complex text view of data pad 
PTSS 35487: Dynamic File Driver loses table 
PTSS 38931: DFD PROP:DRIVER looks for wrong DLL 
PTSS 36726: | READONLY in External name does not keep the Column out of the Update Query 
PTSS 39133: I think it is critical that the APV date/time is checked when the APP is opened not just when the solution is opened. 
PTSS 37973: Relative path via root to dictionary file causes errors 
PTSS 38400: KEY and FILE Globals import from dctx incorrectly 
PTSS 39136: Invalid handling of Custom Joins with Quotes in APV processing 
PTSS 37408: Exporting to dcv/dctx a Queue with a base type affects field placement 
PTSS 36045: Stored Procedure Return Value error 
PTSS 39134: In a number of cases the APV and APP are not being kept in sync 
PTSS 38089: Negative Pictures and INS on EntryPatterns window - do not allow typing more than one digit 
PTSS 38979: Btrieve driver PUT error 
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