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Release Notes: C8.0.8627 – Fixes/Features/Changes

FIX: If you dragged a PROMPT control onto a window from the toolbar no AT attribute was stored
FIX: Clicking on the 'E' button under Global Properties results in the Error: Cannot find entry point 'GenGlobalExpEdit' in DLL \bin\ClaTPLE.DLL
FIX: Field editor did not allow dimensions greater than 32767
FIX: Pragmas property of a project was displayed in the Property pad even though it was not editable
FIX: The Picture for a control was not set to the screen picture when you set the USE attribute of the control via the ... button in the property pad
FIX: When converting a pre C7 app the IDE was not asking if you wanted to add dependent apps in the Solution
FIX: Programs that linked to the Report Writer libraries caused the file dialog and message dialog to be incorrectly hooked 

PTSS 38123: String value doesn't get correct value from USE 
PTSS 38450: dimension limit 
PTSS 38457: Clicking on the 'E' button under Global Properties, Field Navigation results in an error
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