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Release Notes: C8.0.8274 - Fixes/Features/Changes

FEATURE: Support icons and bitmaps that use an alpha channel. (images with alpha channel are not supported in reports and in IMAGE procedure until switch to EMFs)

CHANGE:  Speed up the conversion of C7 DCT files to C8 DCT files
CHANGE: Adjust Tabs/Text/Image spacing in Pad Tabs and Document Tab
CHANGE: Datapad: Change the Edit Data as text icon
CHANGE: Order of cached embed responses / code generation of structures to match C73
CHANGE: Support greyscaling images with alpha channel

FIX: Displaying of metafiles
FIX: Icons in Pad tabs were not showing for certain DPI/Resolution combinations
FIX: Icons on buttons could be stretched
FIX: If any Pad is pinned on the left side of the App and unpinned sometimes the App Tree view was not resizing
FIX: Mis-aligned icons on VCR buttons on the LIST control
FIX: PROP:Checked returned '0' instead of '' for normal check boxes if they are in the unchecked state
FIX: Selecting global Data in the DataPad was changing the Font
FIX: The %BIN% redirection macro was being expanded to the directory where the C8 binaries where located rather than the directory where the binaries for the version of Clarion in use where located
FIX: When App's are set to auto-open and there area other files in the Solution the App document might not refresh
FIX: When creating a new Clarion 7.3 Clarion version within C8 the list of compilers was not set correctly
FIX: add *.chm to the default red file

PTSS 37919: Clarion 8 Icon Issue when hovering 
PTSS 37923: AppGen lockup if the description of a #CONTROL/#EXTENSION template used a #GROUP returning a value
PTSS 37924: Second Icon issue in Clarion 8 
PTSS 37928: C8 - Vector image positioning is broken 
PTSS 37933: Prop:Check / Prop:Checked misbehave 
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