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–Release Notes: C7.3.7989–

FIX: Drawing of themed CHECK/RADIO controls centered the text
FIX: Icons set to an IMAGE control by property assignment were always displayed in default size 
FIX: Parameters of the program invoked by RUN/#RUN could be ignored
FIX: Possible exception on reading TXAs with wrong values of the INITIAL attribute of variable declaration
FIX: Setting variable's initial value to empty could make this variable's data inconsistent
FIX: Sometimes pasting code into a new embed could cause an unhandled exception
FIX: TXA export of the INITIAL attribute must be a quoted string
FIX: The modified audit timestamp for a dictionary was not always updated
FIX: UNC name of programs on a local mapped drive could be processed incorrectly
FIX: Windows 7 is painting a background around themed push buttons
FIX: Formula Editor will duplicate formula class types in the list control when entered more than once
IMPROVEMENT: Allow TRUE and FALSE equates as initial values for numeric variables

PTSS 37426: Pasting (CTRL+V) 
PTSS 37470: #RUN fails to use parameters
PTSS 37481: Export to TXA causes exception 
PTSS 37607: Exporting this app crashes IDE 
PTSS 37614: Auto Binary Export fails if path name has spaces 
PTSS 37656: ClassItem has no instance after adding new table to dictionary 
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