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Release Notes: C7.3.7900 – Fixes/Features/Changes

In Version 7.3 the naming convention used for Clarion DLLs and LIBs is no longer version specific. Now in 7.3 we use a prefix of “CLA” for all of our binaries. This post explains more details:

All of your .EXEs and .DLLs must be rebuilt. You need to obtain updates for all of your 3rd party vendor .DLLs

CHANGE: Change to text on buttons on UE dialog
CHANGE: Dll and Exe startup code is no longer tied to the product version for 7.3 and later
CHANGE: Prefixes for core dlls are now represented in a version number independent form: "Cla"
CHANGE: The dictionary editor now detects and removes corrupt key components and corrupt relationships
CHANGE: Use the 'MS Shell Dlg' font in message boxes 
CHANGE: some shared template functions moved to new CommonUtils.tpw
CHANGE: update Templates to use the "Cla" prefix instead of the "C70" prefix

FEATURE: "Expand All" and "Contract All" buttons in AppTree's "toolbar"
FEATURE: Ctrl-Left contracts all nodes and Ctrl-Right expands all nodes in all AppGen's trees (if focus is on the tree)

FIX: ?A{PROP:Folllows} = ?B if ?B is a GROUP, OPTION, TAB or SHEET control could work incorrectly
FIX: Alpha characters mapped to code in the range of 128-191 in string literals were translated to Unicode (in managed strings) incorrectly.
FIX: An exception was thrown if you tried to edit a predefined option
FIX: Apostrophes in string literals could be duplicated after "exit with save" from the Window/Report designer
FIX: Auto Number was not displayed if you specified "Display Other Key Attributes" in the Dictionary Editor Options
FIX: Back-space behavior was incorrect if typing mode was OVR
FIX: Call to RUN for a program on the network drive could fail
FIX: Calling SQLColAttribute(SQL_DESC_CONCISE_TYPE) for the ODBC interface to TPS files would return the wrong value for non-integer columns 
FIX: Characters given by their numeric codes within angle brackets in string literals could be parsed by designers incorrectly
FIX: Clarioncl -ag of a .sln file would not generate the first app file in the solution
FIX: Closing a window could drop its thread into infinite loop
FIX: Command line passed to RUN could be parsed incorrectly if it includes parameters and the first parameter has double-quote characters
FIX: Could not edit the registry for an older v7 edition with Clarion 7.3
FIX: DCT: Changing Characters, Places or Dimensions and then pressing Enter did not save the changes unless you first pressed Tab
FIX: DCT: You could not change the value of a boolean option to False
FIX: Disabled ENTRY placed on a TAB might not be drawn opon that TAB activating
FIX: Disabled prompts could be drawn with incorrect background
FIX: Displaying of columns' right borders in LISTs
FIX: FORMAT and UNFORMAT could return incorrect value if picture is passed as a string or expression
FIX: Flat BUTTONs/RADIOs/CHECKs placed on the toolbar could be painted incorrectly under Vista and W7
FIX: GetLastError is incorrect after SHFileOperation
FIX: Global variables declared in the dictionary displayed in the Expression Editor without prefixes
FIX: Go to Procedure Properties page on pressing Window or Report button in App Tree if WINDOW/REPORT has errors or the selection dialog for a new structure is canceled
FIX: Huge themed POPUP menus could be wrapped to screen incorrectly
FIX: Icons on Procedure Views buttons might not updated after closing the Procedure Properties dialog
FIX: If content of ENTRY control is wider than the control, it could be displayed incorrectly before gaining the focus for the first time
FIX: If listbox's source or FORMAT string was changed in response to pressing VCR buttons, capture released incorrectly
FIX: If the App Tree is in Modified View mode, the tree could be not refreshed after returning from the procedure Edit
FIX: Incorrect calculation of minor production version
FIX: Initial values of string-like variables could be read from/write to TXA/TXD files incorrectly if they contain <0> characters
FIX: Listbox could be redrawn incorrectly after changing 3D appearance
FIX: Menu could be not found in the hash table by handle
FIX: Popup menu invoked by a themed program for the first time could use non-themed metrics for items
FIX: Possible duplicate symbol error if 2 or more drivers are linked into EXE/DLL in local link mode
FIX: Possible failure if CREATEd items are adding to menubar before its first time drawing
FIX: Possible exception on reading APP if name of base variable is misspelled or if APP has no dictionary
FIX: Q modifier in the list FORMAT string could be parsed by the WINDOW/REPORT/LIST designer incorrectly
FIX: Query to save dialog could be displayed for read-only applications
FIX: RUN caused exception if program name is in UNC form and the share name contains spaces
FIX: RUN could fail for programs located on network drives
FIX: Reading of a global variable from the dictionary derived from another dct's global variable can cause exception
FIX: Repeated calls to MATCH/REGULAR with malformed regular expression could cause a run-time exception
FIX: Right border of the last/only column of region could be scrolled on scrolling of region
FIX: Settings for the commands GROUP on the APP Tree on changing the current procedure violated rules for deferred moving
FIX: Some symbols dependent from dictionary evaluated as empty strings
FIX: Tab Order Assistant could not display the vertical scroll bar when docked on the right side of the IDE
FIX: Template Prototypes with default parameter values of STRING type could be processed incorrectly
FIX: Template Prototypes with parameters of multi-dimensional array type were processed incorrectly
FIX: Template Prototypes with extra spaces could be processed incorrectly
FIX: The Always and Never options were ignored when asked if you want to load the conversion program
FIX: The AppGen did not report errors on declaration of sections with duplicate names
FIX: The Derived from list was not sorted based on the dictionary options
FIX: The VALUE attribute of CHECK controls could be not passed to the C7 application during conversion from previous version's application
FIX: The WHERE condition on #RESTRICT statement in #CODE templates could be evaluated incorrectly
FIX: The Window Previewer did not work if there was an IMAGE control with a second component of the USE attribute
FIX: The compiler reported an error if the @D picture token had the intellidate part
FIX: The debugger would use the wrong default redirection file if you debugged a project that used a different C7 version
FIX: The horizontal scrollbar created if LIST has the HSCROLL or HVSCROLL attribute is meaningess for single-column lists; use the S(n) modifier in the FORMAT string instead
FIX: The window previewer could not display a list that used a string rather than a queue as it's USE and had styles
FIX: Typing in the ENTRY control with DECIMAL alignment could cause some unexpected behavior (position of caret, displaying of the value) 
FIX: Value could be displayed incorrectly in ENTRY controls with the @N picture if some some digits must replace grouping characters
FIX: You could not change the file driver of a just copied file without first closing and reopening the dictionary
FIX: You could not create a labeled item in the dictionary editor that started with a non-Latin character (for example the character ü).
FIX: You could not build an older C7 edition within Clarion 7.3
FIX: You could add a field into a global group in the dictionary from the data pad.
FIX: You could not open a file in the debugger that was not accessible via the redirection file if that file was in a directory that was more than 80 characters long
FIX: set displayed template version to 7.3
FIX: Themed transparent CHECK/RADIO controls placed on the toolbar are disappearing when becoming hot

IMPROVEMENT: RUN() Allow spaces in program's/document's path (BUT not in the name!)
IMPROVEMENT: Support for setting of CSIDL folder locations in DLLs 
IMPROVEMENT: Less chances of unexpected caption bar menu items appearing on closing a MDI child window
IMPROVEMENT: Use second chance exception to break the debuggee

PTSS 33833: Variable declarion problem in Turkish 
PTSS 35365: generate conversion program - Always Load option is ignored 
PTSS 35697: Right Border for fields in ListBox shows 
PTSS 36021: The window previewer could not display this window 
PTSS 36226: RUN fails if path is a network resource 
PTSS 36305: compiler error with intellidate picture 
PTSS 36360: Dropdown Listbox does not allow ' in it - Clarion 6 does 
PTSS 36572: Follow to TPSFIX PTS 36389 (not all cosmetic issues fixed) 
PTSS 36731: ClarionCL.exe does not work correctly with /ag switch 
PTSS 36793: Button flicker in AppGen
PTSS 36794: Update icon on APPTREE 
PTSS 36794: Update icon on APPTREE 
PTSS 36810: Recovery does not work 
PTSS 36899: COLOR selection in List Box Formatter hides base window (fixed in latest build)
PTSS 36917: Miscellaneous ListBox Formatter Issues 
PTSS 36920: Actions, Window & Report buttons stop working 
PTSS 36936: App tree - horiz scroll bar not working 
PTSS 36939: Pre and Post Build issue 
PTSS 36962: Unable to preview attached window structure 
PTSS 36963: Disabled PROMPTs are displayed incorrectly 
PTSS 36986: Some list boxes have invalid format after the conversion C6.3->C7.2. 
PTSS 36987: REMOVE() function not working correctly 
PTSS 37011: GPF on right click 
PTSS 37028: Numbers disappear while entering in entry field 
PTSS 37037: PTSS #37027 still not working.... {PROP:FOLLOWS} 
PTSS 37041: Gpf using queue(someotherqueue),static 
PTSS 37047: Dissappearing Frame Menu on Maximize/Restore sequence when MDI Child is maximized 
PTSS 37081: Report designer changes characters entered in Job name 
PTSS 37098: Expression editor does not show prefixes of *Global* DCT Tables 
PTSS 37099: Checkboxes on a toolbar appear black when set to true 
PTSS 37118: Read Only apps prompt to save 
PTSS 37121: Right column line in LIST moves with scroll action. 
PTSS 37130: PROP:Color on REGION not working properly 
PTSS 37137: Checkbox VALUE('X','') conversion error 
PTSS 37142: Global data gets read-only, no way to undo it. 
PTSS 37181: Not updating last modified date 
PTSS 37187: Window Preview - doesn't display 
PTSS 37195: POPUP menu items lost 
PTSS 37198: Disabled Entry Loses Text 
PTSS 37201: Problems with seeing static classes in Debugger 
PTSS 37236: Loosing the File-Browsing List Box files 
PTSS 37237: Dictionary Global User Options not updating 
PTSS 37261: Unable to change driver on copied table 
PTSS 37273: Failure on #RESTRICT in #CODE Template 
PTSS 37287: ClarionRTL Gpf while drawing menu's in various scenarios
PTSS 37297: CSTRINGs with initial values are getting their lengths changed 
PTSS 37319: Large Numeric Pictures are not handled correctly
PTSS 37330: Changing Data Length using ENTER Key alone does not update value 
PTSS 37351: RUN pops up message when file is not found 
PTSS 37355: Left mouse button lockup 
PTSS 37365: Window Hangs on open 
PTSS 37374: Broken visual appearance of buttons with height less then 11 units 
PTSS 37398: Match given certain regex patterns can cause an Exception 
PTSS 37421: Template Prototype <> Parameters error but strings are identical 
PTSS 37429: Hidden menu items now flow down into submenu items when querying the {prop:hide} attrbute 
PTSS 37438: Transparent Controls disappear in toolbar (in Executable) 

WORKAROUND: Do not allow generation to fail on malformed relations in the dictionary
WORKAROUND: Windows paints semi-transparent area around themed button incorrectly in response to the WM_PRINT message if height of button less than 18 pixels
WORKAROUND: Call to UpdateWindow API function for a MDI frame window can cause incorrect painting of MDI child windows running in their own threads
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