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Release Notes: C7.2.7653 – Fixes/Features/Changes

FIX:  You could not create a labeled item in the dictionary editor that started with a non-Latin character (for example the character ü).
FIX:  You could add a field into a global group in the dictionary from the data pad.
FIX: (More) RUN could fail for programs located on network drives
FIX: Flat BUTTONs/RADIOs/CHECKs placed on the toolbar could be painted incorrectly under Vista and W7
FIX: Global variables declared in the dictionary displayed in the Expression Editor without prefixes
FIX: Menu could be not found in the hash table by handle

PTSS 36226: RUN fails if path is a network resource
PTSS 37011: GPF on right click 
PTSS 37047: Dissappearing Frame Menu on Maximize/Restore sequence when MDI Child is maximized 
PTSS 37098: Expression editor does not show prefixes of *Global* DCT Tables 
PTSS 37142: Global data gets read-only, no way to undo it. 
PTSS 37056: Drop Combo Not Working Correctly
PTSS 37099: Checkboxes on a toolbar appear black when set to true 
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