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Release Notes: C7.2.7600 – Fixes/Features/Changes

FIX: Generate Last was not read correctly from TXD files
FIX: Generate Last was not written to DCTX files
FIX: Global and Pool files were imported as normal files when reading a TXD file
FIX: RUN could return "Invalid handle" error after successful execution of the program
FIX: RUN returned an error code if program name to launch had no path specified
FIX: RW:  Concatentation of strings in calculated field fails 
FIX: entering an item into DropCombo that didn't match was selecting the text entered
FIX:  a log file was created whenever a VIEW structure was used

PTSS 36370: LIST/DROP/COMBO Line Height was not checking for zero value
PTSS 36800: Generate last flag not imported 
PTSS 37020: Run not using the path 
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