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C72.7350 – Fixes/Features/Changes

The following templates are updated in this release:

  • SVFnGrp.TPW
CHANGE:  Version Resource template now uses #AT(%AfterGeneratedApplication) instead of #ATEND
CHANGE: Do not report error if label of nested field is not found in a structure declared in the procedure's data schema
CHANGE: optimize painting of wallpaper backgrounds

FIX: Automated export to text of an app would sometimes fail if the dct file could not be found by the default redirection file
FIX: You could not change the long description of a procedure
FIX: _C72_ was not defined when building with Clarion 7.2
FIX: Alignment guides in Designer could be painted transparent
FIX: Dictionary editor could leave .DCT as read-only status after .App was closed
FIX: Screen flicker if background wallpaper is centered
FIX: IPDriver error Unknown Variable '%RVal' when used in a Clarion chain DLL note: requires update in C7 Clarion templates and IPDriver templates to ver 2.4
FIX: If WINDOW/REPORT has unresolved variables, building of Embed Tree and PWEE information could fail
FIX: Incorrect fix of the painting hot state of themed transparent CHECK/RADION controls in Windows 7 in 7270
FIX: Non-transparent CHECK/RADIO controls could process WM_PAINT incorrectly
FIX: Potentially incorrect printing of transparent controls if their relative Z-order has been changed using the PROP:Follows property
FIX: Procedure Extended Description was causing compile errors
FIX: RW: Newspaper style multi-column could wrap incorrectly
FIX: RW: RTF control would remain empty if on overflow of control a page break occurred
FIX: RW: if Style for detail was orphaned from page it would print anyways
FIX: RW: illegal characters were not trapped in filter
FIX: RW: page overflow could be calculated incorrectly
FIX: RW: scripting dialog could fail to activate
FIX: RW: watermark would fail to print if Style condition was not met
FIX: Report Designer preview might not show all available bands
FIX: STRING controls with fixed width could be printed incorrectly
FIX: The SQL drivers could GPF if PROP:SQL was used to issue a SELECT or CALL statement and then the number of records to fetch at one time was changed via PROP:FetchSize or BUFFER and then the records where retrieved using NEXT
FIX: Variables declared as LIKE generated without prefix
FIX: changing the Project target type was sometimes not reflected in the APP
FIX: Source editor on insert of comment blocks the tab threshold was not factored
FIX: "Bold" issue on drawing transparent CHECK/RADIO controls under Win7 

IMPROVEMENT: Less flicker on painting transparent themed CHECK/RADIO controls

PTSS 35368: garbage characters in procedure properties long description 
PTSS 36550: Extended comments generates uncompilable code 
PTSS 36627: The structure designers report missing USE variables if you mix declarations in source code with derived declarations in data pad
PTSS 36758: GEN: Unknown Variable '%RVal' 

REGRESSION:  SET(file)/NEXT(file) would throw an exception with the SQL drivers unless a BUFFER (file) statement had been executed
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