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Release notes for Clarion 7.0.5768

In all previous builds the default setting for “Cache Applications In-Memory after Editing” was ON. We have changed this default to OFF, but if you have not turned the caching option to OFF we recommend that you do so now. With caching ON you must close both the App and the Solution to be able to edit the Dictionary used in the App.

The cache option is located from the main menu: Tools-Options-Clarion-Applications General Options

PTSS 20447: Line X/Y written incorrectly
PTSS 20448: Behavior change
PTSS 20553: Radio control in window formatter
PTSS 20704: Buttons not showing as MultiLine in Designer
PTSS 30532: a preliminary fix for 800000xx colors in Designer
PTSS 30073: Structure locks up IDE
PTSS 31504: Control Template Pad - Populating without dragging
PTSS 31794: Make file list selection for Individual File Overrides show in alphabetical order
PTSS 31841:  A heap corruption error was sometimes thrown when trying to convert a file
PTSS 31848: Wallpaper converted incorrectly
PTSS 32116: Move a button from tab to window did not show warning message.....
PTSS 32130: Offset throws error message when it should default to 0
PTSS 32448/33598: Template Editor code folding didn't create region for upper case/lower case functions
PTSS 32499: CE characters in listbox header
PTSS 32634: TRN on STRING not working in report designer
PTSS 32734: CE characters in listbox header
PTSS 32737: STRING gets serialized wrong if "VariableString" property is set to FALSE
PTSS 32761: No EntryPattern (MASK) property available on controls.
PTSS 32906: Control template pad scroll to bottom
PTSS 32990: Windows lose controls, loss of standard clarion behaviour
PTSS 33051: Center Justification not working properly
PTSS 33099: Report formatted numeric display
PTSS 33203: Cancel to add a break Group doesn't work
PTSS 33211: Wrong reproduce of some Cyrillic symbols in Window Designer
PTSS 33344: Listboxer Formatter loses Euro-Sign (
PTSS 33351: Wrong icons on Spin box
PTSS 33385: checkbox and transparent in designer
PTSS 33488: Window painter ignores DCT field settings 
PTSS 33502: Populate fields on tab
PTSS 33530: Justification not working properly
PTSS 33545: Cannot create browse control on a tab
PTSS 33553: Unexpected "duplicate symbol" error could be reported at link time
PTSS 33653: Manual Entry of ICON does not work
PTSS 33661: Report formatted numeric display
PTSS 33677: Quick ClassBrowser dropdowns empty
PTSS 33686: Changing the properties of Window changes size of entry controls that are on a TAB
PTSS 33698: Saving window properties TILED Wallpaper
PTSS 33699: Problem with adding the options to an option group
PTSS 33716: No Keystroke Exit on Edit Picture
PTSS 33718: Template Editor code folding missing some block statements
PTSS 33729: Tab Indent with dialog, one line too many
PTSS 33738: Block Indent does not save indent value
PTSS 33754: Can not open window designer with sub menu 
PTSS 33774 version resource template problem
PTSS 33786 version resource template problem
PTSS 33805: When you add a string to a window and assign it a use variable the screen's picture should change to display the use variable. 
PTSS 33827: Cannot drop a column from Datapad on to a Box control 
PTSS 33828: Populating a line on a report has a default value of 1000 for both Width and Height 
PTSS 33858: an exception was thrown if the redirection file had a line like *.lib = ..\otherdir
PTSS: 30062: Pre and Post build events had did not work for Win32 projects
PTSS: 3702: finding fields in files can fail

CHANGE: Template Editor code folding improved speed of parsing.
CHANGE: C%V%HTM%X% is now added to the initial list of lib files to ignore (LibIgnoreList.xml) when attempting to copy dlls.
CHANGE: Win32 project files would return relative paths rather than absolute paths causing problems with reloading solutions

FIX: An exception was thrown if you moved the location of an installed version of Clarion and then tried to use that version without updating the options for that version
FIX: Any controls can be added in Option in code. Validator does not catch it.
FIX: Designer: Arrows for "Spin" control were shown not correctly on the form.
FIX: Background for Toolbox equals Background for Window.
FIX: Controls not visible in similar location as on a SHEET
FIX: DATE_TIME was incorrectly listed as a valid data type when editing application variables
FIX: Error occurs if Tabs add in the Sheet by means of Property "Tabs" - Collection.
FIX: If property Disable is True for Sheet then it will not be visible on the form.
FIX: Image of BackgroundImage for Window is not correctly placed on the form.
FIX: Memory associated with the redirection system was not released as soon as possible when you edited a redirection file or loaded a file using File/Open File using Redirection.
FIX: Menubar and Toolbar can be moved with the the cursor in TOA. 
FIX: Minimize of Sections works incorrectly.
FIX: Mode "Cnter" for BackgroundImage of control Toolbar works incorrectly.
FIX: Populating LIST on a SHEET is incorrect parent
FIX: Property "Scrollbars" for Combo and List works incorrectly.
FIX: Some controls change size if some properties for the Window change.
FIX: Switching Band Views - missing functionality
FIX: The debugger did not load/use the redirection system properly when debugging products built with other versions of Clarion other than the current version
FIX: The debugger would crash if you attempted to debug a program that could not be loaded into memory
FIX: The position of the RadioButton does not change after copying from one Option into another.
FIX: The vertical line at the left in a Page Layout View for Report should not be moved if scrolling.
FIX: Unhandled exception has occurred, if value the AT attribute is not integer.
FIX: Arrow buttons are active for Page Header, Detail, Page Footer and Report Form in TabOrderAssistant
FIX: Forbid input of negative values for some properties List Box Formatter for "Combo"
FIX: incorrect message in the status bar when the app was unloaded.
FIX: The SQL drivers could cause a Function Sequence Error if you issued a SELECT statement using PROP:SQL on a table that had a primary key that had a key component that was a TIME, DATE or timestamp field
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