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Clarion 11.13630 Sept. 11, 2020

This release has a regression that if you get the warning “Calling function as Procedure”. The procedure is NOT being called, you code is NOT functioning as it did. You MUST change the code to take the return value, or add PROC to the Function Prototye.

FIX: Handling of the DLL(0) attribute on data declarations without the EXTERNAL attribute
FIX: Error building apps with H5; Unresolved External: $WBBROWSERPROPERTIES
FIX: Error building apps with H5; ‘Ambiguous reference type: &EVENT’ 
FIX: corrected Builtins.clw for use with AnyScreen

NEW: Added embeds; #Embed(%InsideView,'Inside View'),%Primary,%ActiveTemplateInstance,TREE('Inside View|' & %ActiveTemplate & '|' & %ActiveTemplateInstance & '|' & %Primary )
and #Embed(%InsideView,'Inside View'),%Secondary,%ActiveTemplateInstance,TREE('Inside View|' & %ActiveTemplate & '|' & %ActiveTemplateInstance & '|' & %CurrentSecondary)

FEATURE: In-Memory driver template: new option; "MS-SQL Compatibility Mode"; check this checkbox to instruct the template to do its Memory table loading after the DLLs used by the program are loaded -  %AfterCategoryDllInitCode. This avoids a potential problem with Microsoft "ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server" (and later versions), if accessed too early the MS ODBC driver can fail.
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