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Clarion 11.13622 Sept. 4, 2020

CHANGE: %StandardSecondaryLookups was not called if there were more than one template with secondary files in the form
CHANGE: The Btrieve driver no longer supports NLM 5.  This speeds up OPEN calls for all files that do not use the /NLM driver string.
CHANGE: The Oracle driver now only generates NULLS FIRST or NULLS LAST for a field if you set the name of the field to '<fieldname> | CHECKFORNULL'
CHANGE: Versionres.tpl: product build number entry changed from @n4 to @n6
FEATURE: Add support for ASLR (Address space layout randomization). You can set if the linker enables dynamic base addresses or not, by default this is ON. 
FEATURE: Add support for DEP (Data Execution Prevention). You can set if the linker enables data execution prevention or not, by default this is ON. 
FEATURE: New DEP command in the EXP file and /DEP option in the LNK file
FEATURE: New DYNAMIC_BASE command in the EXP file and /DYNAMIC_BASE option in the LNK file
FEATURE: The ODBC driver now recognizes MariaDB as a variety of MySQL
FEATURE: The ODBC driver queries the backend for how many hundredths of a second the server supports when storing TIME and TimeStamp data.  
         Sometimes the backed does not return the correct information.  You can now override what the server tells the driver by 
         adding /TIMEPRECISION=<value> as a driver string switch.
FEATURE: You can now set if the linker should enable data execution prevention or not.  By default this is on.
FEATURE: Reference variables of Procedure types are supported by the compiler, and corresponding support is added to the linker and RTL
FEATURE: The TYPE attribute on CLASS methods is now supported by the compiler
FIX: ActiveImage was not working
FIX: All Data drivers: a failed LOGOUT did not clear the list of files to be logged out
FIX: Btrieve Driver: Doing NEXT;GET;DELETE;NEXT would fail if the GET retrieved the same record as the first NEXT
FIX: Dictionary Import from xml did not import the NOPOPULATE attribute of a file
FIX: Dictionary Import from xml did not import the generation order of a field or key
FIX: Exception if a WINDOW/REPORT declared in PROGRAM/MEMBER scope is opening for the second time
FIX: Exporting and Importing a dct to/from xml only read/wrote the first 14 characters of a file's prefix
FIX: IDE could hang if DCT synchronizer had a null destination
FIX: If window scrollbars have become hidden because of window resizing, client area origin must be reset to (0,0)
FIX: MDI programs could run into deadly embrace if message box invoked from an iconized MDI child window
FIX: More correct fix for the frame re-activation after closing the message box invoked from a MDI child window
FIX: Multi Child Relation Tree -invalid code could be generated in the case of disabled buttons
FIX: Oracle driver property PROP:NullsInKeys was missing from property.clw
FIX: Possible GPF closing the DCT when an APP that used that DCT was open for editing
FIX: Possible string stack failure on setting SYSTEM property
FIX: Scrollbars on scrollbale WINDOWs might not be hidden upon resizing
FIX: Some time exception on close window
FIX: The ODBC driver was sometimes using the wrong C data type when sending TIME information to some backends
FIX: The Oracle drive would include empty strings when the key had the OPT attribute
FIX: The Oracle driver did not generate NULLS FIRST in the correct place if SET was being done on a multi-component key and the field with null values was not the last key component
FIX: The data retrieval and create triggers were not imported/exported from/to xml
NEW: Added embed (both chains) #EMBED(%AfterFileDeclaration,''),%File,HIDE - this corresponds with the existing embed, #EMBED(%BeforeFileDeclaration,''),%File,HIDE
NEW: Reference variables of procedural types

PTSS 42892: The SQL drivers were sometimes returning error code 78 if you had a view that uses PROP:Order to set the order and you obtained the position of a view, then called a form to add a new record that had an auto-incrementing key and then used the previously saved position to reset to that position in the view
PTSS 43006: Request for Embed points 
PTSS 43015: FIX: ASSERTs in the ABC base classes could cause lockups because they were happening inside critical sections
PTSS 43065: FIX: Missing Priority in ABPROCS.TPW for #AT(%ProcedureRoutines) lines 88,106
REGRESSION: Possible string stack failure on setting SYSTEM property
WORKAROUND: Windows OS hides scrollbar and scrolls incorrectly on scrolling if proportional scrollbar's thumb is too narrow because of too many records to scroll
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