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Clarion 11.13505 February 12, 2020

FEATURE: AnyScreen "developer" functionality is integrated into both EE and PE 
FEATURE: Add support for the latest ODBC interfaces from Microsoft to the MSSQL driver
FEATURE: Add support for OPT attribute on SQL based keys
FEATURE: You can now set a filter to INLIST(field, value1, value2, ...) <> 0 and the SQL drivers will convert this to "var IN (field, field, ...)" rather than evaluating the filter locally

IMPROVEMENT: The IDE was using extra CPU cycles when code generation was waiting for a process to finish
IMPROVEMENT: ODBC drivers are now more efficient when BUFFER is being used

NEW: Clarion Chain: Option to 'Export global data declarations' from the Global Data DLL
NEW: IDE Option to open Application when double clicking in the App's Project in the Solution Tree Pad "Clarion->Clarion for Windows->General-'Open Application on Project Double Click (if app exist'"
NEW: Menu Theme color: Windows 7 Classic
NEW: New method to implement programmatic "ProcessShuttingDown" functionality
NEW: RTL: new properties to read the original Width and Height of a window (PROP:OriginalWidth , PROP:OriginalHeight) -the size of a Window after Open can be different (smaller) if the resolution Width and Height are smaller than the window size
NEW: Template function: DIFFERENTFILES(fileA,fileB),BOOL will return true if the files content are different, internally uses the same logic as used in the REPLACE function to compare the files. Usage: #IF(DIFFERENTFILES(fileA,fileB)) .... #ENDIF
NEW: Option for the AutoImportExport functionality to stop asking for each import whether to import, if set to off it will automatically import the APV (if needed) and add a message in the Messages Pad to inform about the action
CHANGE: Added new Json class example that show the use of SetIsQueue to support a QUEUE inside a GROUP, updated previous example
CHANGE: BinaryImportExport will only ask to import the file when the setting is ON and if the binary file exist, if the binary file does not exist it will create it without asking, the log will always be added
CHANGE: DataPad icon for swapping the list from vertical to horizontal now reflects the selection change
CHANGE: DataPad displays consistent look of locators in all of its lists
CHANGE: DataPad uses the List Font as set in the appearance settings
CHANGE: DataPad now has locators on all the list of data (Procedures, Fields, DCT tables, Procedure schematic)
CHANGE: DataPad shows a more consistent toolbar containing the swapping button and the DCT selection combobox for source code files, and the combobox is now a droplist. NOTE: the DCT selection works when the apps are closed and the .DCT is open
CHANGE: if used from command line the BinaryFileWatcher will not show an error on save, but instead it will Log it
CHANGE: if a field has an initial value it will show the value in the data pad e.g. LONG(10) or STRING('HELLO')
CHANGE: if APV files are read-only the IDE will add a warning to the errors pad (and show the message)
CHANGE: Locator on toolbar setting is removed from Options, and only the Show/Hide locator setting is supported for the DataPad and DCT
CHANGE: New color equates COLOR:Sand,COLOR:LightSand,COLOR:LightGray
CHANGE: The Dictionary functionality to check the Window and Report Structures was moved from the Tools Menu to the Dictionary Menu on the main IDE Menu.
FIX: After DCT conversion the Dialog Message could show outside of the IDE Frame
FIX: Clarion Chain: Advance QBE was not adding the correct includes
FIX: Clarion Chain: SecondaryLookups fields were called twice
FIX: Clarion Chain: Frame Extension templates was generating compilation errors when using the functionalities 'Enable ShutDown', 'Run Only One Instance of the Application', 'Make TopMost Window'
FIX: Clarion Chain: The EIP could generate wrong code if multiple Browses were using EIP
FIX: Clarion Chain: Clarion chain was not using the setting to generate long file names for the generated files
FIX: ClarionCL -AG would fail with the option TreatUnrelatedFilesAsSolutions enabled
FIX: Control Template Pad didn't keep the selection if the language of the IDE was not English
FIX: DCT Editor now shows/hides the locators when the setting is modified (re-open of DCT required) on Options->Clarion->Dictionary Editor
FIX: Doing SET(key,key);OPEN(view) did not work if there was a FILTER set
FIX: EQUATEs declared in the DCT or in LocalData as TYPE EQUATE, that had an assigned initial value, were losing the value on import of TXA and TXD
FIX: Embeds could change relative order on different generation cycles
FIX: Embeds without a Priority could change position in the generated code when the App was re-generated
FIX: GPF when attempting to import invalid TXA files
FIX: H5: Picture format for date fields that start with @D05 were not using the Calendar lookup
FIX: IDE: When a Project was loaded and its GUID was a duplicate with one already loaded it was assigned a GUID in the wrong format, without the enclosing {}
FIX: ODBC based drivers could GPF under certain memory conditions when calling PROP:Disconnect
FIX: When removing a Project from a Solution while removing the associated App was not removing its ProjectConfigurationPlatforms from the Solution
FIX: AWS S3 connections would fail if the user did not have rights to read the list of buckets
FIX: The IDE could sometimes throw an exception doing code generation
FIX: You could not update DATE or Timestamp fields with the SQLite driver
FIX: using the option "Check Data Structures" - some DCTs that use OPTION and/or RADIO controls, and have a bad control inherited from an old Clarion version, will fail when trying to save the updated DCT (after fixing the controls)
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