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/— Clarion 10.12398 — 11/18/16 —– Fixes/Changes/Features–/

CHANGE: The VIEW engine now returns any GPFs that occur inside the view engine as errorcode 90 and the exception details in the fileerror()
CHANGE: Updated windows API prototypes to use correct handle names instead of simple type (LONG,SIGNED,etc.)

CHANGE: H5: Added template global setting to set the size of the icons when using the button size is default.
CHANGE: H5: Removed report and process non applicable prompts
CHANGE: H5: SetTimeOut was accepting negative numbers
CHANGE: H5: button image now use the H5.css class image-on-button
CHANGE: H5: when the global template image size is set to 0, the image on the button will use the original image physical size
CHANGE: H5: Appbroker instructs the web browser to cache files delivered from; (public,assets,images,resources). Files in the instance directory are not cached.

FEATURE: H5: WebServer object has a new method to check for Mobile Browser: WebServer.IsMobileBrowse()
FEATURE: H5: ENTRY controls with number that are required now validate that the entry is not empty and is a number other than 0
FEATURE: H5: AppBrokerServiceMgr added the option to change the max number of connections
FEATURE: H5: SPIN controls with required now validate that the value is not 0
FEATURE: H5: Added new global option to keep the Client application Alive, refreshing the Client 60 seconds before the Server timeout
FEATURE: H5: new method to check for the value of timeout; GetTimeOut PROCEDURE(),SIGNED
FEATURE: H5: ENTRY support the pattern validation
FEATURE: H5: AppBrokerServiceMgr added the option to change the Windows maximum number of child processes that can be spawned by a Service
FEATURE: H5: Added text justification and text color support for ENTRY controls
FEATURE: H5: Added support to add Extra Styles to the ENTRY, PROMPT, STRING controls using the ExtraStyle property
FEATURE: H5: Embeds EmbedBeforeNavbarHeader and EmbedBeforeNavbarTitle
FEATURE: H5: Branding the application with a Logo in multiple places, From the Global Extension Template Branding Tab

FIX: H5: When a ENTRY has the TextCase set to "CAP" it didn't allow to enter more than one Uppercase letter in the string
FIX: H5: Submenus should not use deferred load
FIX: H5: List columns with Decimal alignment were not used

REGRESSION: If you had a TIME(0) or TIME(1) column defined in MSSQL Server and you did a BUFFERed retrieval, the time data would not come back correctly
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