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/— Clarion 10.12327 — 09/13/16 —– Fixes/Changes/Features–/

CHANGE: ABC/Clarion: Added single space at the beginning of the Field Description when generating to the source files to avoid warnings when the description in the DCT starts with an = and the resulting code is != so its flagged by the compiler. Also added space charactoer to the generated descriptions of key, file, and local data.
CHANGE: Allow to create Global ClaTalk Class without having to have the email settings 
CHANGE: H5: MESSAGE: added CSS class 'clarionmsgtext' to allow for customization
CHANGE: H5: The "Application has stopped" external html page now uses the same CSS assets as the App itself to keep a consistent UI
CHANGE: H5: The Application has _stopped_ external html page now uses the same CSS assets as the app to keep a consistent UI
CHANGE: H5: When there are no records in a Browse and the Inline-Insert is set to show, a new insert button will show up on the header of the empty list

FIX: The ODBC driver logging would some times not output all the connection information
FIX: The SQLite driver did not support using PROP:SQL to create the file structure.  Note that the information returned from SQLite is very limited.  Therefore the only data types created using PROP:SQL will be LONG, REAL, BLOB, and STRING(100).
FIX: Checkboxes were not keeping the text Alignment when the Table Layout was NOT used
FIX: H5: COMBO was not updating correctly the value if it was different than the display text Ie: (when using the DisplayTest|#Value)
FIX: H5: ENTRY Controls using the uppercase were not sending back the modified value in uppercase
FIX: H5: Forms with required fields were validated on the server instead of doing a pre-validation on the client
FIX: H5: Menu items disabled or hidden on the Frame were still showing in the child windows menu
FIX: H5: SHEET+TAB with the Wizard attribute were showing the Tabs text instead of just the SHEET
FIX: H5: STRING,SSTRING,PROMPT didn't show the font color or text alignment
FIX: H5: Text control was not using the MSG attribute correctly
FIX: H5: Text Control were not aligning to its PROMPTs
FIX: H5: The Browse cell text color was not used to color the table cell text
FIX: H5: The Table Column alignment was not used properly for every column
FIX: H5: SSTRING controls didn't have the correct ID and NAME
FIX: SystemStringClass decompression was failing, now both compress and decompress now return true/false 

FEATURE: H5: a sample 'application has stopped' page is now generated by the templates to be used as the base to create the HTML page displayed when the app session is timed-out and the broker redirects to that page or the internal one if this does not exist in the Public directory
FEATURE: H5: Added support for DateTime Picker
FEATURE: H5: Added ID and Name to the Browse generated Table Headers
FEATURE: H5: Added inline-select button to the table skeleton and template
FEATURE: H5: BROWSE Added properties to hide a column in the HTML Table at runtime
FEATURE: H5: BROWSE Added properties to use the LIST column width in the HTML Table
FEATURE: H5: Button controls can skip executing the validation of the form with the new property on the Event Tab
FEATURE: H5: Button controls are generated with an extra parameter to execute (or not) validation on submit
FEATURE: H5: Calendar control, an ENTRY control with @D or @T picture will generate a lookup calendar or time selector. It can be disabled globally with the option "Add Calendar button to @D ENTRYs"
FEATURE: H5: Global Prompt to override the Message procedure used to create the WEB Messages. Global Web Extension - Advance - Web Message Procedure NOTE: The procedure must comply with the needed prototype
FEATURE: H5: If the HTML file MyAppName_stopped_.html exists in the Public directory that file will be displayed when the App stops running instead of the internal resource from the AppBroker. The HTML file can be customized 
FEATURE: H5: InlineLookup functionality- allow an ENTRY control to have a lookup button that fires the Accept event to another control (button)
FEATURE: H5: New embed to add javascript On the Document Ready event in a single place with out repeating the event hook.
FEATURE: H5: New embeds in the skeletons: EmbedBeforeAssets, EmbedJSAssets
FEATURE: H5: Save Button now executes the client side validation and will not submit the Form untill the client side validation is complete

PTSS 42218: DFD does not work with SQLite 
PTSS 42220: ODBC File driver bug causes crash 

REGRESSION from build 11900: The ODBC driver would corrupt memory if you used the TURBOSQL switch, had a DECIMAL field in the file structure and the first SELECT statement issued against this field returned a DECIMAL with higher precision than defined in the Clarion field definition
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