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/— Clarion 10.12278 — 08/11/16 —– Fixes/Changes/Features–/

CHANGE: Added embed before the MEMBER statement for global data declaration, the embed is visible to the templates, not the embed tree. Declaring a derived class in the DCT makes the DCT dependent on external source and must be used by a template that ensures the existence of that base class

CHANGE: H5: Report, Added button to print the report. When printing the report the navigation buttons are removed and after printing are restored 
CHANGE: H5: Text control now supports disable or readonly in an improved way supported by most browsers
CHANGE: H5: Improved inline buttons sizing of the column
CHANGE: H5: Improved inline buttons sizing of column
CHANGE: H5: Report, now the buttons to navigate  the pages use a glyphicon instead of an image
CHANGE: H5: Prompts now use the Text Alignment template setting if it is not set to "default"
CHANGE: H5: The content of an HTML page was leaving too much padding space at the top
CHANGE: H5: Improved sizing of the controls on small screen when using the global option "Children Overflow Container"
CHANGE: H5: Template options to align Controls and Prompts
CHANGE: H5: Better sizing of controls on small screen when using the global option "Children Overflow Container"
FEATURE: CWutils: new function OpenUrlLink to open a web url
FEATURE: HttpWebRequest uploads can now add extra headers if needed
FEATURE: SystemString: new methods to simplify working with arrays and (key,value); Set/GetValueSeparator, Set/GetPairSeparator, SetPairValueSeparator

FEATURE: H5: Added option to the BUTTON control to allow to override the Href content and execute any link or js
FEATURE: H5: support for Children Overflow its Container and allow the controls to go from one border to the other of the screen in small screens
FEATURE: H5: support for inline buttons column fixed in size, it will use only the space needed by the buttons
FEATURE: H5: support for changing the Text Align on the containers (GROUP,SHEET)
FEATURE: H5: Removed the top space between the Menu+Toolbar and the first control
FEATURE: H5: support for Upper and Capitalize on the ENTRY control
FEATURE: H5: Added option to the GROUP control to allow the controls to go from border to border overflowing the container and showing like full width.
FEATURE: H5: New method on the WbFilesClass CopyToInstanceDirectory PROCEDURE(STRING Filename),STRING it will copy a file to th eInstance directory and if there is no error will return the new file name. Later the name can be used in the href property of the button to allow download the file
FEATURE: H5: new method in the html control that allow to reset the internal List control if the user change the PROP:Format for the list. ListboxContentsChanged() uage: Web:Browse:1.ListboxContentsChanged() just after assigning the new ?Browse:1{PROP:Format} 
FEATURE: H5: Global template setting to hide STD: action buttons from the Web UI, this will hide any button that has the Standard Actions, like STD:Help, STD:Close, etc. Every windows can be close with the Back button and all the other STD: buttons actions that are not applicable to a Web UI, if there is the need for the action of any hidden button to be executed a new button that just POST EVENT:Accepted to the hidden button can be used.
FEATURE: H5: add some css themes and setup custom.css to use a theme instead of the base bootstrap
FIX: HttpWebRequest PUT was not able to use the postData stream to pass a json object with the information
FIX: Problem with SQL file definitions that contained DECIMAL or PDECIMAL fields that were OVER other fields
FIX: TopScan: Stored file password could not be used
FIX: TopScan: Pressing the Enter key in the "Owner" field of the Pick dialog worked incorrectly
FIX: TopScan: Table information could be stored to the wrong SCN file
FIX: TopScan: Incorrect decryption of the stored password

FIX: H5: If an ENTRY control contents had an "&" it was removed
FIX: H5: Some values for the Href or AltText were not accepting use of a variable
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