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/— Clarion 10.12258 — 07/22/16 —– Fixes/Changes/Features–/

CHANGE: JSON: SetSubQueue method was replaced by TryGetSubQueue
CHANGE: Added dpiAware to the manifest for generated EXE from the compiler thru the EXP MANIFEST setting
CHANGE: Added dpiAware to the manifest generated from the template, on the template the dpiAware generation can be set to false

CHANGE: H5: The myapp_global.js file is only required if the user adds global javascript code in the embeds, all the static functions were moved to a new H5.js file in the assets folder
CHANGE: H5: "Page To Return To" and "Time Out" settings now accept the ! to use a variable instead of a fixed value
CHANGE: H5: List control now supports adding Border, Text Wrap and choosing to position the inline edit/change/delete buttons to the left or the right of the data columns
CHANGE: H5: Template support for setting the page charset at the global extension 
CHANGE: H5: New embed "Internet, Inside Page <STYLE> tag" to add global page style just for that procedure's window
CHANGE: H5: A new Template option to generate an application index.html file with a hyperlink to launch the app in the broker to aid testing 
CHANGE: H5: The skeletons support the ExtraClass and ExtraClassGP properties to insert new values into the control's CLASS attribute NOTE: The ExtraClassGP is only supported in controls that have an external DIV;(Prompt, Group, Table)
FEATURE: H5: The AppBroker supports the use of ".wap" instead of ".exe". for launching the app e.g http://mydomain/exec/myfolder/myApp.wap.0
FEATURE: H5: added text alignment for PROMPTs and STRINGs that take the window text alignment
FEATURE: H5: added Template option to insert page level CSS and JS in the templates. Web Procedure Extension - Page tab
FEATURE: H5: Added support for using images in the Table/List columns. NOTE: if the images are .ico the icons need to be converted to PNG with extension of .ICO.PNG and deployed to the public directory
FEATURE: H5: added new H5.css to support the special css used by the skeletons
FEATURE: H5: added prompt support in templates for the ExtraClass and ExtraClassGP properties (set in the control's "html" tab)
FEATURE: H5: added support for CellHasImage and CellImageName
FEATURE: H5: added support in the table for cell color and backcolor using the conditional settings of the browse procedure

FEATURE: JSON: Added support for DIMed GROUPs to be treated as empty and don't generate empty array items when the content of the groups are "" or 0
FEATURE: ReportManager.ResetReportTarget to reset the report target if any target was previously selected with SetReportTarget
FEATURE: added option to the AppBrokerManager to run in a mini window mode that stays on top of the the desktop with just Start,Stop,Return buttons
FEATURE: added a set of css themes and setup custom.css to use a theme instead of the base bootstrap style
FEATURE: ReportTargetSelectorClass.SetSelectedOutputGenerator supports 'PRINTER' as a parameter to set the target if the printer was allowed
FIX: Listboxes with PROP:Column set to TRUE could be scrolled incorrectly
FIX: The SQL drivers could sometimes throw an exception when a thread terminated and a VIEW was not closed
FIX: Error reported on passing the result of a call to a function returning result of the *QUEUE type as an actual parameter of the *QUEUE type
FIX: Error reported on reference assignments to variables of the &QUEUE type if right side expression is a call to a function returning result of the *QUEUE type

FIX: H5: Combo controls were not keeping the selected value
FIX: H5: Groups had an extra DIV container class
FIX: H5: If the PROMPT-ENTRY pair Y position was off by 1 dlu they were not aligned on the same row, now the Y position of a PROMPT and ENTRY can be up to 2 dlu different and both will be aligned to be on the same row
FIX: H5: Removed ClaHTM.dll from the shiplist
FIX: H5: String controls with a USE were not matching to their prompts
FIX: H5: SubmitOnChanges = false was not working for all controls
FIX: H5: Submenus were copied to MDI windows even if the parent was set to not use them in a web browser
FIX: H5: Sheet/Tabs and Tables used too much padding
FIX: H5: Report previewer: better js code
PTSS 42164: Scroll via keystroke is incorrect on list with prop:column and no IMM set 
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