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/— Clarion 10.12211 — 06/10/16 —– Fixes/Changes/Features–/

CHANGE: Added embed before the MEMBER statement for global data declaration, the embed is visible to the templates, not the embed tree. Declaring a derived class in the DCT makes the DCT dependent on external source and must be used by a template that ensures the existence of that base class
CHANGE: TopScan: Allow to set the SYSTEM{PROP:CharSet} value
CHANGE: Logging in the ODBC driver now tracks how much data is returned by the backend when fetching BLOB data

ENHANCEMENT: The ODBC driver did not retrieve all data from a BLOB if there was more than 64K of data and the backend did not return how much data was in the blob
FEATURE: TopScan: Allow browsing and undeleting of deleted records if the driver supports this feature

FIX: ABC: Disable the double release of the FileOpenServer class when used incorrectly and more than one instance exists
FIX: Dropped list sub-control subclassed by setting the PROP:WndProc property instead of entire control
FIX: HttpWebRequest PUT was not able to use the postData stream to pass a json object with the information
FIX: If the configuration directory doesn't exist at the time of saving the config file it is created
FIX: JSON: The @NULL picture was failing with numbers stored in strings
FIX: Json: An empty array was storing an empty record in the queue
FIX: SYSTEM default fonts could have incorrect charset
FIX: The ODBC based drivers could crash if you used the /TURBOSQL driver string and you had a DECIMAL(x) or PDECIMAL(x) field in the file structure and the values stored in these fields had more digits than x/2+4.

FEATURE: Accelerator keys to access the Embed tree (ALT-M), Embeditor (ALT-B), Extensions (ALT-X)
FEATURE: CWutils: new function OpenUrlLink to open a web url
FEATURE: HttpWebRequest upload can now add extra headers if needed
FEATURE: Solution Explorer: Added new context menu item "Remove", to remove the selected App from the solution. It will also remove the Project associated with that App from the solution
FEATURE: TopScan can now also browse Clarion driver .DAT files 

PTSS 41904: FIX: Dropped list sub-control subclassed by setting the PROP:WndProc property instead of entire control
PTSS 41904: WM_KILLFOCUS on subclassed window not firing correctly 
PTSS 42067: ODBC Driver GPF 
PTSS 42136: Generate File Declarations in Modules option generates Dictionary Global Data causing error for complex types 

WORK-AROUND: PostegreSQL does not return the correct information for TIME fields.  This caused the latest driver to sometimes fail to convert the time data correctly.
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