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/— Clarion 10.12104 — 03/1/16 —– Fixes/Changes/Features–/

Please see the C10 Help file topic: What's New in this version → What's new in Clarion 10

CHANGE: Better DRIVER logging of bound guids
CHANGE: IPDRV Manager: Better reporting of errors
CHANGE: Show a notification when a solution is opened and there are files to be re-opened for edit
CHANGE: Show more information on messages with errors related to calls to interaction between IDE and OS
CHANGE: json: access to the tmp string thru internal methods
FIX: The ODBC drivers could cause a GPF on termination if PROP:Disconnect had been used to disconnect from a database and a file{PROP:SQL} had been issued and OPEN(file) was never called on that file
FIX: Converting Icons to PNG was not keeping the transparency of the icon
FIX: JSON Possible memory leak
FIX: JSON: incorrect parameters passed internally to a method
FIX: JSON: Extra DIMed groups that were not used were not CLEARed
FIX: Possible disposing of IDispatch objects on getting the OLE property
FIX: The text editor was requiring the "modes" subdirectory to exist
FIX: Unbalanced calls to IDispatch::Release were possible
FIX: User-defined property could be destroyed but not removed from the hash table
FIX: When an addin was failing with an IO Exception the error message woould repeat in a loop
PTSS 41907: NON visible Excel after OLE activated
PTSS 41936: NON visible Excel after OLE DISPLAY
PTSS 41956: NON visible Excel after OLE 
PTSS 41965: Memory Growth using; OLE-COM (.NET UserControl Assembly C#) in Clarion ABC Window 
PTSS 41990: DateTime field is not created 
PTSS 41994: Clarion 10 crashes when trying to move properties toolbox from right to left 
PTSS 42021: ODBC driver issue on binary primary key 
PTSS 42025: GPF on NEXT(VIEW) 
PTSS 42027: There is exception on NEXT(VIEW) statement if SET(VIEW) is called first
PTSS 42028: Ole doesn't work with pointers
PTSS 42030: NON visible Outlook after OLE
REGRESSION: WATCHed PUTs failed when the table contained time data that was stored at a higher precision than Clarion can store time information at, and the server was SQL Anywhere
REGRESSION: GET failed when the key used a field that was declared on the SQL server as type BINARY and the field contained embedded nulls
FEATURE: JSON: If there are more values in the json array than the defined DIM attribute the new property LostArrayData will be set to true and the LostArrayDataField will contain the name of the field that overflow the values
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