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/— Clarion 10.12026 —pre-release 12/22/15 —– Fixes/Changes/Features–/

CHANGE: HttpWebRequest: now the error string is returned as a JSON string to be able to retrieve the status code value, text, and the response form the server. The message, status, statusnumber, response are valid properties in the json stored in the error string. statusnumber could be any response number like: 403, 302, etc. If the server didn't return a response, the statusnumber = -1 and then the json field "exception" will have the exception text.
CHANGE: The driver.ini file is now located in %AppData%\SoftVelocity\Clarion rather than %AppData%\SoftVelocity\Clarion\10.  If one exists in %AppData%\SoftVelocity\Clarion\10, it will be automatically copied down to %AppData%\SoftVelocity\Clarion

FEATURE: The ODBC based drivers now log data for DATE, TIME and TIMESTAMP data types when logging bound data

FIX: A new install did not always copy the version information from the previous installed version
FIX: Driver Trace program would throw errors when starting if the application folder directories already existed
FIX: Internal property numbers were changed and WB/IC depended on the original ordinal values
FIX: Memory leaks in the cpxml classes
FIX: Non-MDI windows with default X and/or Y coordinates could be opened in an unexpected position
FIX: Oracle Driver:  If you have a primary key of type PDECIMAL, RESET(key);NEXT would sometimes get the wrong record when key was a non-unique key
FIX: Oracle Driver:  Issuing a SET(key);NEXT when some records had NULL key components would return the records with NULL values at the end of the list rather than the start.
FIX: Oracle Driver:  SET(key,key);NEXT would return an error if the key components were NULL and this was the first time that SET(key,key) had been called with that key
FIX: PHP TEMPLATE: Redeclaration of symbol
FIX: Parsing of formulas must be delayed on reading OF TXAs because of possible references to functions not yet read
FIX: PictureEditor Pool was not always storing the values correctly
FIX: Possible GPF on rebuilding the App Tree after import of TXA or import from another APP
FIX: RECORDS(key) did not work with SQL files
FIX: The ODBC based drivers would fail to create a file if the file already existed, but the structure was different to the structure being created and the new field was a DATE/TIME structure
FIX: The log files did not write the correct values for large DECIMAL and PDECIMAL fields
FIX: ActiveImage was not responding when placed on a toolbar or in a secondary Tab
FIX: WATCHed PUTs would return an error when the table contains timestamp data that was stored at a higher precision than what Clarion can store time information at.

FEATURE: ReportManager: new methods to get the total number of pages (GetTotalPages) and to fetch a specific page (FetchPage)

PTSS 41799: Window opened from Frame default X,Y position is wrong coordinate system
PTSS 41877: Formula that call functions are incorrect after importing from TXA 
PTSS 41889: We receive the error "This record was changed by another station." error when we try to update a row in a MSSQL table.
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