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/— Clarion 10.11925 — September 29, 2015 —– Fixes/Changes/Features–/

FEATURE: Code Editor's Context Menu Item to Insert a Clarion Format Picture that invokes the Picture Editor and when accepted inserts the picture into the code.
FEATURE: Added additional information to the Toolbox pad; (ABC Return Levels, FileAccessModes, ErrorCodes), expanded the ASCII table

CHANGE: ABC Templates: new SortHeaderClassType Setup method to allow derived classes to access to their own queue and list references
CHANGE: The MSSQL driver now defaults to using the most recent ODBC interface supplied by Microsoft

FIX: (Regression) some Application Generator settings were not updated/saved when changed
FIX: ABC Templates: Report original PROP:Landscape was not used in Print Current Page from preview
FIX: ERRORCODE 90 was returned from next_prev(view) if the view is over 2 or more SQL files and there is a join that uses the file, and RESET(view) has been called and before that SET(key) had been used to set the order
FIX: First-time drawing of buttons could fail
FIX: JSON: Inner field with the same name were not assigned properly
FIX: JSON: negative decimal were not serialized properly
FIX: LOGOUT could cause NEXT to return the wrong data if the primary key contained a PDECIMAL and the SET statement before the NEXT was on a non-unique key
FIX: MDI Frame's menubar was not redrawn under certain circumstances
FIX: ODBC based drivers would not store the correct data if the primary key was a DECIMAL field and you did BUFFER;SET;NEXT;PUT;NEXT;PUT
FIX: OPTION's USE variable could receive incorrect value if some RADIO buttons were destroyed 
FIX: RADIO and CHECK controls could be not redrawn after changing the checking state
FIX: SQL Drivers:  Doing SET(k);NEXT(f);LOGOUT;NEXT(f) would sometimes fail if k was a non-unique key
FIX: Windows could take into consideration mnemonics of buttons located on inactive TABs to handle hotkeys

PTSS 41696: BUTTON does not paint if first control to take focus 
PTSS 41774: Print Current Page Ignores PROP:Landscape 
PTSS 41822: RADIO with KEY() paints multiple radios ticked, Should only allow ONE radio 
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