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/— Clarion 10.11897 — August 13, 2015 —– Fixes/Changes/Features–/

FEATURE: MSSQL: You can now update fields stored as TIMESTAMP fields in MSSQL and as TIME fields in Clarion when the WATCH statement has been called and the data was originally created by a non-Clarion program
FEATURE: You can now use PROP:NativeErrorCode to get the native error code set by the SQL engine.  This may be different to FILEERRORCODE() which contains to the ODBC error code that the SQL engine sets
FEATURE: You can now use PROP:SQLRowSet with the Dynamic file driver
FEATURE: ABC Templates, added button to preserve local variables into the Window Procedure
FEATURE: Added Functions to get the MIME type based on the file extension
FEATURE: Added new Menu Item under the Application Menu to open the current application Project
FEATURE: Added new button to open the application's project from the App Pad
FEATURE: Added new top-level menu item; "Dictionary", into the Main Menu (only active when a DCT is open)
FEATURE: Global Option Setting to toggle showing IDE progress notifications. Tools-Options-General- Show notifications. Used on search all, generation, build, etc.
FEATURE: HttpUpload Demo App. The example shows how to call the methods to upload a file to an Http Server
FEATURE: IMDD Template: Added option to disable transactions for IMDD tables declared in the DCT
FEATURE: JSON class: added support for inner groups, DIMensiones fields, and queue references
FEATURE: Json example on how to use queues and DIM in the structures to represent arrays in groups
FEATURE: Notification when the TemplateRegistry is closing to alert the user when the process of closing is ongoing and when it is done
FEATURE: Support to upload a file to a webserver using POST
FEATURE: New parameter in the SendSMS and SendMail methods, SMTPForceCertCheck, by default true, to allow disabling the check for validity of the certificate on those case with servers with certificates that are expired
FEATURE: SYSTEM{PROP:WindowsVersion) now supports an optional index parameter (1-10) to make it easier to retrieve information on the OS

CHANGE: Application Editor: Added a new button to access the Embeditor (button on the right side toolbar under the embed editor button)
CHANGE: Applications Option Dialog is now wider and some options were moved to the IDE Tab
CHANGE: Inline documentation ( added the list of valid values for the messageBodyEncoding parameter to the SendMail function 
CHANGE: Make the Window Menu Editor apply the global properties for fonts and icons
CHANGE: Support ESC key in the "keep searching from top" dialog in the Text Editor

FIX: If you did 3 or more PUT statements in a row and your primary key had STRING components, the PUT would not put the data
FIX: If you copied a TOPSPEED or CLARION file structure from one dictionary to another (or within the dictionary) and a field had more than 4 dimensions, then the dimensions were set to 4 in the new file structure
FIX: Incorrect text for the linker's error message about duplicate ordinal numbers
FIX: JSON class: fix some array parsing
FIX: Maximized MDI child window could lose caption buttons when they became active after closing another (not-maximized) MDI child window
FIX: Debug info was not generating for a source module if it had no static variables and none of the module's procedures had local variables and parameters
FIX: Protection from recursive initialization of static data declared locally in a PROCEDURE could misbehave on looped calls of that PROCEDURE from 3 or more concurrent threads
FIX: Report Previewer 'Send by Email' menu was not working as expected
FIX: Slider Control was generating an exception at design time if "UseVisualStyles" was set to off in the Window Designer
FIX: TabOrderAssistant was not always refreshing its contents when DataPad items were added to the Window
FIX: TabOrderAssistant was not using the Fonts or icons as set on Global Options dialog
FIX: Template Editor was not collapsing the code within the WITH/END
FIX: The Actions... and Embeds... links in the property grid of the menu formatter did not work in context
FIX: The select Key Component template dialog would select the wrong field if the key's file was an alias

PTSS 41722: PUT statement fails with MSSQL and string primary keys 
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