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/— Clarion 10.11834 'Gold release' — June 5, 2015 —– Fixes/Changes/Features–/

DOCUMENTATION: Update the documentation on PROP:SQL to describe when to use PROP:SQL and when to use PROP:SQLRowSet

FIX: 'Edit Redirection file' would always load the current Clarion 10 version of the RED file, not the Clarion version you selected.
FIX: The Select Key and Select Column Template Dialogs used the wrong prefix when selecting from an Alias
FIX: You would get errors returned if you accessed an MSSQL server and added or retrieved data from a datetime, time(0), time(1), datetime2(0), datetime2(1), datetime2(2) or datetime2(3) column and had that field declared as a TIME field outside a datetime GROUP structure

PTSS 41633: Lookup button does not work when using an ALIAS file 
PTSS 41642: Error saving a TIME field in a SQL Datetime Field 

REGRESSION: If you had an MSSQL file and you used the BUFFER statement and your file definition had a Clarion TIME field mapped to a DATETIME column, then the wrong data was sometimes returned in the TIME field

/— Clarion 10.11822 beta 10 — May 20, 2015 —– Fixes/Changes/Features–/

CHANGE: Added support to only allow running one instance of an APP (EXE) in Terminal Server or Remote Desktop environment 
CHANGE: DatabaseDrivers.pdf: Update the documentation for the /ZERODATE driver string to clarify that it is used when storing data and when generating WHERE clauses and to document the /ZERODATE=yyyymmdd form of the driver string
CHANGE: Re-organize code in the EnhancedFocusClassType 
FIX: ADD() would sometimes fail if you had AUTOINCUSESSCOPEIDENTITY specified in the driver string
FIX: If a field = file{property}, field = key{property}, field = blob{property}, POSITION(file), POSITION(key), NAME(file), SEND(file) or GETNULLS(file) caused a GPF, then instead of the GPF details being reported in FILEERROR(), the string stack would throw a stack exception
NEW: ABC Templates: New option to enable/disable EIP at run time
NEW: Added support to the internal generated manifest for Windows 10
PTSS 41609: CW10 move to MSSQL DateTime2 breaks TIME field use 
PTSS 41615: Getting Error: String Data, right truncation (22001) on insert 
PTSS 41620: Different Behaviour C9.1 to C10 PROP:SQL with /TURBOSQL=TRUE
REGRESSION: The MSSQL and ODBC drivers did not allow you to add time data to a table if the column was declared as type DATETIME on the MS SQL server and as a TIME field (not within a timestamp GROUP structure) in the Clarion file. 
REGRESSION: File[PROP:HSTMT} would sometimes not return the last used hstmt rather a different one

/— Clarion 10.11787 beta 9 — April 30, 2015 —– Fixes/Changes/Features–/

CHANGE: Add more information when a file not found message shows in the IDE
CHANGE: Property Pad, save and restore last used label column size
FIX: Dictionary Search Result was not using the IDE Defined fonts for list
FIX: FileNotFound Error when trying to register the serial number in a new installation
FIX: Global setting was not being used for the Application Pad fonts
FIX: Initial setup of the "root" macro could fail causing redirection failures
FIX: Property Pad, Stop reseting the size of the pad after the pad is hidden
FIX: Start Page: Clicking on a folder link could open an EXE if there is an exe with the same name in a parent directory

/— Clarion 10.11777 beta 8 — April 22, 2015 —– Fixes/Changes/Features–/

CHANGE: Safer way to store the ClarionProperties xml file. Note: Now a ClarionProperties.old file is stored with the previous properties configuration so in the case of any problem the user can recover settings from the .old file
FIX: Build Solution would not build all projects if there were multiple projects that did not have a project dependent upon them
FIX: Clear Solution did not work
FIX: If you attempted to open a file from the file dialog and a different file with the same name could be found via the redirection system, then the IDE would open the file found via the redirection system rather than the selected file
FIX: PTSS 39916: IDE Docking Drop zones fail to appear on non-primary monitors
FIX: Project options strings were overlapping on the screen for the project properties
FIX: Toolbar control size not set correctly in the options dialog
PTSS 39916: Docking Dropzones fail to appear on non-primary monitors 
PTSS 41500: Project dependencies broken in C10 

/— Clarion 10.11756 beta 7 —- Fixes/Changes/Features–/

CHANGE: Clarion.exe uses an external manifest with setting to run 'asInvoker'
CHANGE: WorkingTemplate: added support for declaring thread safe variables
CHANGE: Added new property to the ABC FileManager "DoNotAssertOnCloseMisuse", the user can set this to True to avoid showing the ASSERTs that show (in debug mode) when a file was not closed with the FileManager method.
FEATURE: Added text to indicate the current sort order to the bottom text box in the Applications Pad
FEATURE: Applications Pad: Added display of date and time to show when the application list is sorted by modification date
FEATURE: New option to always show the modification date and time in the Applications Pad (for all sort orders). If set to false it is only shown when Sorted by modification date
FIX: Applications Pad, the Sort button was not showing the correct icon and text when sorting by dependency
FIX: EXISTS() could return an incorrect result for names of drives' root directories and virtual directories (e.g. "My Pictures")
FIX: REMOVE() when a directory is specified and the second (options) parameter is not provided, it should not remove a directory if it is not empty
FIX: Redirection system was used by File-Open even when the selected file had a full path
FIX: ReportWriter: DLL versions were out of sync
FIX: The ToolbarsizeIcons Dialog was showing the resize but not actually allowing a resize
FIX: When the Applications Pad was empty the descriptive text was not cleared from the text box
PTSS 41329: EXISTS('C:\') fails unless elevated to Admin or Manifest on Virtualized folder 
PTSS 41420: Remove(Folder) should NOT delete all files unless Remove(Folder & ‘\*.*’, REMOVE:FILESONLY) 

/— Clarion 10.11726 beta 6 —- Fixes/Changes/Features–/

FIX REGRESSION: When linking in LIB mode you received linker errors of duplicate symbols when linking multiple file drivers into a program
FIX: Typo in PDF Template

/— Clarion 10.11719 beta 5 —- Fixes/Changes/Features–/

CHANGE: Change the QuickAppConnect class to only show the embeds needed in the embed tree
CHANGE: Invoking editors for objects in read-only APPs
CHANGE: Json class now supports Null as a String value, empty strings will be converted to the 'null' keyword, the setting SetSupportNullString(true) and the column must have the special "picture" of '@NULL'
CHANGE: Updated QuickChat (sockets) example to use the Template instead of hand code.
CHANGE: the menu editor toolbar was not using the color theme Selected
PTSS 41472:  PUT did not work if you did SETNULL(autoIncField); file{PROP:ServerAutoInc}; ADD(file);change fields;PUT(file)
FIX REGRESSION: The Dictionary editor would sometimes throw an exception if you tried to edit properties
FIX: COPY statement could fail for Clarion .DAT files
FIX: JSON code now auto-LINKs the DOS driver when used
FIX: Possible exception at compile time if FILE's driver string or value of the OWNER attribute is unknown identifier
FIX: The Clarion driver would generate an error if an index file was missing when COPY(file) was called
FIX: The context menu in the template source editor did not work if you had a word highlighted
FEATURE: Add the OpenViaRedirectionFile Dialog to the open button quick list in the toolbar
FEATURE: Added option to call the regular File Open Dialog or the Redirection File Open Dialog based on the IDE option setting
FEATURE: Added Record size in bytes to the Table Statistics
FEATURE: Template(s) to use the QuickAppConnectClass (Socket communications)
FEATURE: The OpenViaRedirectionFile Dialog now suggest possible file names found in the redirection system

/— Clarion 10.11643 beta 4 —- Fixes/Changes/Features–/

CHANGE: Appgen now re-uses the dialogs from the DataDictionaryDesign assembly to select Tables, Columns, Keys, and KeyComponents
CHANGE: Remove STD(STD:Close) from ?Ok buttons
CHANGE: specify a FONT for default windows (was missing on some windows)
FIX: DEFORMAT with omitted second parameter could return an empty string if destination string's size was greater than 255
PTSS 41102: DEFORMAT() description should include size limit note, max picture size is 255
PTSS 41404: DEFORMAT(S) fails with 256 byte string, Regression from 5.5 
PTSS 41419: Updated DEFAULTS.CLW files 

/— Clarion 10.11632 beta 3 — Fixes/Changes/Features–/

FEATURE: Compiler: new scanner for the Clarion (CLW) compiler, optimizations
FEATURE: Compiler: support of nested OMIT/COMPILE blocks
FEATURE: Language extensions templates for Sending Emails, Emailing Reports, and Sending SMS (Text) messages
FEATURE: TCP Networking - Client/Server communications: QuickAppConnectClass and methods
FEATURE: Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) cloud file access/distribution
FEATURE: WorkingThreadManager Class
FEATURE: Dictionary Global Search and Replace
FEATURE: Project system: Support for the - #file copy srcfile dstfile - command
FEATURE: App options: You can now choose to have the %FILE Template symbol return files in the same order that they are displayed in the dictionary editor
FEATURE: App options: You can now set how many times generator tries to gain access to a file in the Application Options window
FEATURE: ClarionCL: You can now trace the location of a file and the folders search order used by the redirection system from ClarionCL using the /rt switch.
FEATURE: MSSQL driver: Support to use SCOPE_IDENTITY 
FEATURE: Template Registry: The Clarion 10 Application Generator now supports product version identifiers in the naming convention for the TemplateRegistry.trf file.  For example, Clarion 10 by default uses the name TemplateRegistry10.trf.
FEATURE: Exception Log viewer for analyzing crash logs
FEATURE: DCT Statistics displays information about entity statistics (number of fields, keys,etc.) in the in the Comments Tab->Audit information 
FEATURE: Sort by last modified date in the Application Pad
FEATURE: Added Clear Search Result to the Search Result Pad
FEATURE: TCP Sockets class: Added option to send a group (like a RECORD) to another connected client
FEATURE: Added option to the context menu in the Embed Editor and Embeditor to insert color, guid, templates, and open via redirection file
FEATURE: Appearance Options: the Toolbars Icons sizes can be set by the user
FEATURE: Editor: Setting to enable/disable the message on the search when EOF is reached (Tools-Options-Text Editor-General) "continue search at end of file"
FEATURE: Editor: When the search reaches the end of file a message is displayed asking whether to continue from the top of the file
FEATURE: Extension template to use the WorkingThread Class
FEATURE: F1 Help call from Designers now call the help for the selected control property if the Property Pad has focus.
FEATURE: Find All now runs in the background allowing you to do other things while the search is continuing.
FEATURE: If you load an exception log into the IDE it now parses the log file matching up the call stack with the map files and presenting you with a graphical view of the exception where you can double click on a line in the call stack and have the appropriate line loaded into the editor.  Also you can easily switch from hex, to decimal, to text views of the stack dump.
FEATURE: ImageToPNG now support passing the resolution value to make the conversion
FEATURE: JSON: Added method to hide all the field in a group to make it easier when there are more field to hide than to unhide
FEATURE: JSON: Added method to remove the prefix from the fields
FEATURE: JSON: Added property and method to create an ObjectsArray from the Json Object
FEATURE: JSON: Added support for passing String data types by value 
FEATURE: JSON: added new methods ToFile (export into a physical file) and FromFile (import from a physical file)
FEATURE: JSON: added option to add external names for fields
FEATURE: JSON: added methods to Hide/Unhide groups fields, the hidden field will not show in the resulting Json String when a group or queue are converted to Json
FEATURE: New built-in function MAXSTRING to set string variables to max value in accordance with current codepage/locale or collation sequence settings. MAXSTRING is more preferable than CLEAR(s,1) to set files' string fields to initialize key fields before SET(key) and SET(key,key) statements followed by PREVIOUS.
FEATURE: Open via Redirection File added to the template code editor context menu
FEATURE: Optimized handling of passing a picture to some functions
FEATURE: PDF ReportOutput support setting the output resolution when the ScanCopy mode is selected
FEATURE: Templates: Embed point after total a column in a browse list
FEATURE: The Tab Order Assistant can be opened now from the Designer Toolbar
FEATURE: Tool Item in the Tool menu now can have a separator item being added before the item itself
FEATURE: When the Application Editor is closed the the Application Pad is refreshed
FEATURE: XMLQuickParser: added new method to parse XML into a queue and to show the parsed file in a quick window
FEATURE: Xlog Viewer, the IDE can open and display .xlog files
IMPROVEMENT: Faster FORMAT for @D and @T pictures
CHANGE: Add more information to the warning when the project find a problem in merging projects
CHANGE: Add support for run-time checking logs to the Exception Log viewer
CHANGE: Add support for run-time checking logs to the exception log viewer
CHANGE: Added new EQUATEs for additional report paper formats
CHANGE: All the Designers Options are shown under a common node in the options dialog
CHANGE: Amazon: The S3 interface now allows you to query the interface to get the name of the file being transferred in asynchronous mode
CHANGE: AppGen: Procedure selected colors
CHANGE: Better output in the TopScan File Layout window
CHANGE: Cope with NULL pointers passed to some string functions
CHANGE: Dictionary Dialogs now store the position in the same place as the other dialogs. ClarionProperties.xml  - "WindowPositions"
CHANGE: Extend RUN statement by treating the second parameter as a set of flags: flag 01h - wait for launched process termination if set, flag 02h - force usage of ShellExecute to launch process or execute a document
CHANGE: Faster drawing of stretched images that have an alpha channel
CHANGE: If the SQLite dll is missing and tracing is enabled, this error is now written to the log
CHANGE: If you try to synchronise with an SQLite database and the IDE cannot find the SQLite dll, then a more informative error message is now presented.
CHANGE: Import/Export moved to the Clarion node in the options dialog
CHANGE: Legalize background color (PROP:COLOR) for IMAGE controls
CHANGE: Now the Options locator finds the text in the inner properties and selects the Tab where it is found. (i.e. search for OEM)
CHANGE: Selecting the icon for the project now removes the path if the file can be found via redirection
CHANGE: Show more information when an error in the IDE is reported regarding a missing file or missing component file
CHANGE: Show the error when trying to open a file and it has an invalid name
CHANGE: TCP-Sockets: Added method FromJSON to the QuickAppConnectClass as a shortcut to parse the message received when a GROUP is sent
CHANGE: Template version changed to 10
CHANGE: The reason why a recompile is happening is now reported in the output tab
CHANGE: The redirection system used by the IDE now caches locations thus making it much faster to find files the second time
CHANGE: TopScan: Support enhanced encryption for TPS files
CHANGE: Updated Libmaker example, added copy to clipboard option
CHANGE: Updated the text on the settings to reflect that the setting now affects Read Only Projects and Solution
CHANGE: When a message is displayed from Appgen now it allows you to copy the message text (Ie: Exceptions, errors, etc.)
CHANGE: You can now cancel a Find All, Bookmark All or Replace All request
FIX: Mass Update operation in TopScan only modified every 10th record 
FIX: Message box invoked by TopScan on an error opening a table did not show the error text
FIX: TopScan: Avoid flicker on opening a table
FIX: DCT Audit information was not refreshing when different files were selected
FIX: The Clarion template chain was generating REGET(file,position) rather than REGET(primary_key, position) if the file had a primary key
FIX: "Go to base" context menu in editor was not always working. Now when there is a type it shows "Go To Definition" then loads the file if needed
FIX: ABC/Clarion Template: lEmailErrorText was never declared(was included in the wrong declaration group)
FIX: AppGen: Possible exception during code generation
FIX: BUFFER;SET;NEXT;PUT would fail with ODBC based drivers if the primary key components where DECIMAL or PDECIMAL fields
FIX: Buttons in the template LIST control now show with the same height as the Up/Down buttons
FIX: Changing the number of recent files to display was not refreshing till the IDE was closed and reopened
FIX: ClarionCl did not display the possible arguments if you ran it with no parameters before registering Clarion
FIX: ClarionCl did not work if you did not specify a path for /ConfigDir switch.
FIX: Compiler: The parsing tree could become broken on the compilation with debug info of Clarion functions with parameters of CONST *CSTRING or CONST *PSTRING types
FIX: DCT Audit information was not refreshing when different files were selected
FIX: Dictionary Search and Replace was failing when replacing data types
FIX: Dockable toolbox became hidden after undocking
FIX: Docked dockable toolbox could not be dragged
FIX: Doing RESET;NEXT with an SQL file would sometimes retrieve the wrong record if you where resetting on a non-unique key
FIX: Doing a Find All would lock up the IDE with no indication that anything was happening until the find was finished
FIX: Editing the Toolbar icon size was mixing some saved values
FIX: Editor: FindAll calls were made in a non-UI thread to be asynchronous
FIX: Editor: exception could happen if Find next is used with directory search
FIX: Exception Lgviewer: some text was partially clipped
FIX: F1 Help call from Window Designer was not working
FIX: F1 from editor was not working for the selected word
FIX: FORMAT could return incorrect result for @T pictures
FIX: Import an SQL table with very short (1 or 2 character) column names could cause the IDE to crash
FIX: Incorrect comment for the BOX's border color property in the WINDOW/REPORT designers
FIX: Insert PInvoke context menu was showing in text editors context menu were it does not belong
FIX: JSON Empty strings could create an error when calling the EscapeString methods
FIX: JSON class was not correctly parsing arrays with mixed items and nested objects
FIX: JSON was using a local variable instead of parameter. There was not a way to differentiate a decimal from an int
FIX: JSON: String was not clean before re-using it
FIX: LoadAndSave option panel was not showing the full text for the "Use last Directory"  setting option
FIX: Memory leaks in AppGen
FIX: Notification Center was not displaying fixed size with centered text
FIX: JSON: a queue with just one column generates an array of values instead of pairs
FIX: PDF output: Invalid index used in some font metrics
FIX: Possible decimal stack error if incorrect picture is passed 
FIX: Possible exception on opening a multi-table file in TopScan
FIX: REPEAT and DELAY parameters for push buttons could fail
FIX: IDE registration could fail if user changed the default regional settings on window
FIX: Retrieving TIME(n) data into a TIME field that is not part of a time stamp structure would loose sub-second information
FIX: Saving a ReadOnly solution was showing a message even when the setting was to not show the message.
FIX: Some Pads were not using the specified toolbar icons size
FIX: Status Bar position where the Line and Column was displayed sometimes was truncated
FIX: The Exception Log Viewer was not unloading map and log files
FIX: The application icon was not displayed when you entered the project options dialog
FIX: The record picture of a field was not imported into the dct when importing from an MSSQL database
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