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The RAW attribute of a PROCEDURE prototype specifies that STRING or GROUP parameters pass the memory address only. This allows you to pass just the memory address of a *?, STRING, or GROUP parameter, whether passed by value or by reference, to a non-Clarion language procedure or function. Normally, STRING or GROUP parameters pass the address and the length of the string. The RAW attribute eliminates the length portion. For a prototype with a ? parameter, the parameter is taken as a LONG but passed as a “void *” which just eliminates linker warnings. This is provided for compatibility with external library functions that expect only the address of the string.

If a function is prototyped with one of the following return types: ?, *? or *STRING, and the prototype has the RAW attribute, the return value is treated as a LONG.



 MODULE('Party3.Obj')                 !A third-party library

Func46 PROCEDURE(*CSTRING),REAL,C,RAW  !Pass CSTRING address-only to C function



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