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?control{PROP:TextLeftMargin} = n

n = ?control{PROP:TextLeftMargin}

READ/WRITE property that controls the non-displayable left margin for ENTRY, SPIN, COMBO, TEXT, RTF controls and for drop-down list-boxes. Useful when working with large fonts.

n is an integer constant or expression greater or equal to 0. It is equal to the left margin in the current measurement units of the WINDOW or REPORT owning the ?control control.

Negative values are treated as follows:

-1 - the runtime library uses the Windows default margin value which is dependent on the control's font.

With all other negative values - the RTL uses the C7 default margin value which is very close to Windows default value but takes into account some additional information about the control type.


?Entry{PROP:TextLeftMargin} = 2

?Entry{PROP:TextRightMargin} = 2

See also: PROP:TextRightMargin

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