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FrameWindow{PROP:TabBarColor, index} = color

color = FrameWindow{PROP:TabBarColor, n}

PROP:TabBarColor is used to set the background color for the MDI tab created for target MDI Child windows.

FrameWindow is the label of the Parent APPLICATION structure

Index must be an integer number from 1-8. An index value of 1 sets or gets the background color of the Tab Bar (the default value is the COLOR_3DFACE system color). Other index values (2-8) are used for tab colors used on the tabs of subsequent MDI child windows.

This property is valid for MDI frame windows only. PROP:TabBarVisible must be set to TRUE for the frame; otherwise the PROP:TabBarColor property has no effect. Setting PROP:TabBarVisible to FALSE clears all previously set colors. The PROP:TabStyle must also be set to TabStyle:Colored.


AppFrame{PROP:TabBarLocation} = MDITabLocation:Top

 AppFrame{PROP:TabBarStyle} = TabStyle:Default

 AppFrame{PROP:TabBarVisible}  = True

AppFrame{PROP:TabBarColor,1}  = Color:Blue

 AppFrame{PROP:TabBarColor,2}  = Color:Green

 AppFrame{PROP:TabBarColor,3}  = Color:Red

 AppFrame{PROP:TabBarColor,4}  = Color:Yellow

 AppFrame{PROP:TabBarColor,5}  = Color:Aqua

 AppFrame{PROP:TabBarColor,6}  = Color:Fuchsia

 AppFrame{PROP:TabBarColor,7}  = Color:Teal

 AppFrame{PROP:TabBarColor,8}  = Color:Purple

See Also: PROP:TabBarVisible PROP:TabBarStyle, PROP:TabSheetStyle, PROP:TabBarLocation

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