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Property of a FILE that toggles logging out (profiling) all file I/O calls and errors returned by the file driver to a specified text file. Assigning a filename to PROP:Profile initiates profiling, while assigning an empty string (“”) turns off profiling. Querying this property returns the name of the current logfile, and an empty string (“”) if profiling is turned off.


filelabel{PROP:Profile} = 'TraceLog.txt' !turn ON logging and write to file: Tracelog.txt
filelabel{PROP:Details} = True           !turn ON logging record buffer contents/ details
filelabel{PROP:LogSQL}  = True           !turn ON logging of calls to the backend for SQL drivers

!File Access Code to be Logged
filelabel{PROP:Log} = 'Access Records for Vendor'  !PROP:Log writes a string value to the log file

filelabel{PROP:Profile} = ''             !turn OFF logging

Profile logging may be sent to the System Debugger or Debug View by specifying PROP:Profile as 'DEBUG:' . This is only documented in the help topic Debugging your SQL Application.

filelabel{PROP:Profile} = 'DEBUG:'   !turn ON logging to Debug View via OutputDebugString()

filelabel{PROP:Profile} = ''         !turn OFF logging

See Also: PROP:Details , PROP:LOG , PROP:LOGSQL , PROP:Profile (SQL) , Debugging your SQL Application

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