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Setting PROP:Codepage and PROP:Locale properties respectively for the internal SYSTEM variable, for example:
SYSTEM {PROP:Codepage} = 1253        !Greek

SYSTEM {PROP:Locale} = 1032                !Greek

It is recommended to set the desired locale id to provide the Clarion RTL with the names and abbreviations of months, days of week, before/after noon markers and other internationalization settings. If the program does not set the codepage and locale id, the RTL uses default one for the current Windows user.

Changing the codepage setting at run time (by setting the PROP:Codepage property for SYSTEM or by call to the LOCALE function) resets all previous settings for CLACHARSET, CLASYSCHARSET, CLACASE, CLACOLSEQ and CLADIGRAPH parameters. Changing the locale id setting at run time resets all previous settings for CLACASE, CLACOLSEQ, CLADIGRAPH, CLAMONTH, CLAMON, CLADOWNAME, CLADOW, CLAAMPM and CLABUTTON parameters.

Note: The RTL DOES NOT check values of the codepage number or the locale id for compatibility. If the values for the codepage and LCID are not in sync, the result of many operations (comparison, formatting, etc.) is unpredictable. At the time of this writing you can find the list of Locale ID values on MSDN at this address: see also:**




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