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IPRequestCount is a read/write property used exclusively by the SoftVelocity IP Driver that sets the number of requests to be sent to the server in a single MRP (Multiple Request Packet). The server will then execute the specified number of statements, and return the results in an MRP packet to the client. If this property is set to -1, the current packet is immediately sent. If this property is set to zero, the current packet is reset, and nothing is sent to the server.

This property can also be used to determine how many records were actually read.



entity{PROP:IPRequestCount} = number

Entity the label of a FILE or VIEW
number the number of requests to be sent to the server in a single MRP. The maximum value is 1,000,000.



myfile{PROP:IPRequestCount} = 20       ! create packet with 20 requests

NEXT(myfile)                           ! send packet to server with 20 NEXTs

nRecNum = myfile{PROP:IPRequestCount}  ! get number of records in MRP packet

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