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filelabel{PROP:FlushLog} = 0|1


Flush=1|0 (in the DRIVERS.INI)

Property of a FILE that will disable the default caching of the file logging feature.

By default, the file drivers will cache logging information so that a complete line is written to the log file at one time. This makes the log file easy to read when you have multiple threads running, but has the disadvantage that some information can be lost if a crash occurs.

If you want to make sure that no information is lost during a log run, and don't mind having some mixed up logging information when multiple threads are running, then you can force the file driver to flush the log file whenever there is something to write by adding

file{PROP:FlushLog} = TRUE

or by adding the line


to the driver section of DRIVERS.INI. You can use the trace utility to do this for you.

file{PROP:FlushLog} = FALSE

will turn off flushing.

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