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Property of a VIEW which returns a reference to the file that contains the specified field number in a VIEW. (READ ONLY)


Header  FILE,DRIVER('TopSpeed'),PRE(Hea)

OrderKey KEY(Hea:AcctNumber, Hea:OrderNumber)

Record   RECORD

AcctNumber  LONG

OrderNumber  LONG

OrderDate   LONG

    . .

Detail  FILE,DRIVER('TopSpeed'),PRE(Det)

OrderKey KEY(Det:AcctNumber,Det:OrderNumber)

Record   RECORD

AcctNumber  LONG

OrderNumber  LONG

ItemNumber  LONG

    . .

AView   VIEW(Header)        



    . .

!AView{PROP:Field,1} Returns 1 which represents Hea:AcctNumber

!AView{PROP:Field,2} Returns 2 which represents Hea:OrderNumber

!AView{PROP:Field,3} Returns 3 which represents Hea:OrderDate

!AView{PROP:Field,4} Returns 1 which represents Det:AcctNumber

!AView{PROP:Field,5} Returns 2 which represents Det:OrderNumber

!AView{PROP:Field,6} Returns 3 which represents Det:ItemNumber

!AView{PROP:FieldsFile,2} Returns a reference to the Header File

!AView{PROP:FieldsFile,5} Returns a reference to the Detail File

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